There are several reason why India is the most preferred place to many Nigerians who intend to go on a business, medical, studies and tourist trip. One of the reason is that India is a commonwealth country which have no language barrier, because most of the people who provide variety of services speak and understand English language.

Another reason is that Indians have good medical facilities, as they are very advanced in medicine which anyone can obtain in a very reduced rate. The third reason why people often visit India is that they have advanced information technology far above most African countries. The last reason why people go to India is because of their national currency which is not as strong as the united state dollars, meaning that goods and services will be very affordable for every visitor.

The Indian visas are of two categories, which are short term visas and long term visas. The short term visas are visas for business trips, medical trips, tourist, or for people on a short visit to India which visas are valid for a maximum of 90 days from the issuance date. The long term visas are visas that are meant for people who intend to travel to India for educational study or for those who intend to permanently reside in India which the visas would be valid for one year or more.



India Visa Application Requirements

There are important requirements that should be available before the application will be valid. Though some of these requirements only applies to certain type of visas. But here are the general requirement which would be needed to process an Indian visa.

  • You would need a valid international passport which should have 6 months validity periods and two blank pages
  • A duplicate copy of your international passport showing your picture, passport number, and your bio data page
  • You would need a completely filled and signed Indian visa application form


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  • You would need a visa processing fee
  • You would need a recently taken passport photograph which should be 55mm x 55mm with a clear and white background
  • A letter of introduction
  • You would need your bank statement for the last six months
  • You would need to submit a hotel and travel booking details
  • A proof of your address which should be either national id card, voters card or a drivers licence
  • An invitation letter from your Indian host



How To Apply From Nigeria

Applying Physically Via Embassies:

  • Book an appointment with any embassy close to you
  • You must submit the required documents with an application fee to the embassy
  • You would then collect your passport with your Indian visa once its ready or you can request it to be sent to you via courier service


Applying Via Online

  • You would need to visit the registration portal
  • You need to completely fill the application form
  • To get a temporal application ID, you need to click on the button ‘’continue’’
  • You would need to fill the other form that require more information about your visa application as earlier said above
  • Once the form is completed, you will be asked to make payment online
  • If you choose to make payment, you will be asked to confirm appointment at any embassy close to you and your visa fee will be calculated including a service charge and VAT


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