Today, in this piece, we shall take a look at a particular price of data plan on the Etisalat network. Etisalat is one of the internet service provider of repute in Nigeria. Founded in the year 1976 with her headquarters in Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates. They are currently operating in 17 countries.

In Nigeria, Etisalat joined one of the major telecommunication services provider in 2008. Since then, she has not failed to offer both call and data services in the country. They have seek ways to acquire and retain customers over the years.  They have been able to offer quality and price friendly services over the years.

This article offers to consider the data services rendered by Etisalat mobile network in Nigeria. More specifically, it tends to consider data plans that can be done with just N200. I believe so strongly that this level data plan can be subscribed my majority of people. This means Etisalat seems to the consider the haves not in the society to a great extent.

It is worthy of note to know that etisalat is just cheap as many may like to think its cheap for a negative reason. The data service is quite reliable and can be accessed at anytime within the scope of your subscribed data. The data is known for its great speed. This is what gives you the value for the money used for subscription.

After going through the available data plans on etisalat network, I found out that there are two data plans that that can be done with N200 on Etisalat network.


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Below Are The Details Of The Two Data Plans

Data Plan : 200MB

Etisalat offers 200MB of data at the rate of N200. This is one of the best data plan you can ever find around. It comes with 7 days validity. To enjoy this data plan, *229*2*10# on any active Etisalat line having airtime  sufficient enough to do the subscription.


Data Plan : The N200 Night Plan

Etisalat offers a night plan at a pocket friendly price of N200. With this plan, you can access the internet to surf it as well as to download between 12am (midnight)  and 5am (morning).  This comes as a solution to the busy types who may not have time during the day. They don’t need to do a full time subscription that may end up wasting away.  It is worth 1GB data.  To take advantage of this data plan, please dial *229*3*11# on any active Etisalat line that has sufficient airtime balance.


With the above information, you can choose to enjoy any of the data plans at the rate of N200. In case you encounter any difficulty while trying to subscribe or if you require an assistance or more details, kindly reach out to the customer service on 200 from any etisalat line for free. You may as well walk in to any airtel office close to you for enquiry or complaints.


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