The full name for the Airtel Telecommunication Company is Bharti Airtel Limited. The Nigeria branch of the incorporated company is known as Airtel Nigeria and is usually shortened to a simple form ‘airtel’.


The company is owned by a native of the country Indian, it started small and has now grown to be a global telecommunication company that has subscribers in about 20  countries across South Asia and Africa. With its branches spread across this countries, the head offices is based in New Delhi, India. The Bharti Airtel Limited has really experienced tremendous growth since inception in the year 1984.


As the years flew past, the small organization grew out of hand till it got to the point where it started buying other telecommunication companies and it was through this several purchase that it landed in Nigeria.

Even after they has reached Nigeria, they still wanted to purchase the MTN group which had coverage in 21 counties and was a South Africa based telecom company in the year 2008. They wanted a 100% stake in the MTN group holding and they had several talk with MTN but they later ended their talks some years later without reaching an agreement.


The Bharti Airtel Limited is a compamy concerned with the affairs of its customers and they have shown this by various ‘helping hands’ scheme run by the company.


Indeed, Airtel has proven to be the ‘smartphone network’ as they offer various data bundles that are not expensive but give you a good internet experience. As we all know that ‘data is life’, Airtel has proven to make people’s life lively by providing cheap data bundles that would serve them well.

One of this numerous ‘small but mighty’ data plan is the 100 naira data plan that offers you with the appropriate signals to visits different sites like Facebook, twiter, IG, and even stream YouTube, unlike those other plan that gives you restricted access if you are making subscription for 100 naira.


If you are interested in this data plan below is how to migrate.


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How To Migrate To The 100 Naira Data Bundle

Migrating to the 100 naira data plan is easier than reciting the letters of the alphabets. All you need to do is;

  1. Get a recharge card worth 100 naira and recharge your phone with it.
  2. Go to your phone call directory and dial this: *474*1#.

That’s all. The data plan would be activated immediately by the network operators, and you can start streaming your favorite sites as you wish.


If you want to check your 100 naira data bundle balance, all you need to do is dial *140# and your balance would be displayed.




The benefit of this plan is that it saves money and gives you more data, and another good thing is that it works on all device be it android, iPhone, computer, tablets etc.

Join the 100 naira data plan today and be on top of your data world.


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