If you are a mobile phone user in Nigeria, you will most likely be partnering with any of one or more of the telecommunication companies in Nigeria which include airtel, mtn, glo and 9mobile. So in this piece, we shall look at how to subscribe for data and voice in a step by step procedure.


How To Subscribe For Voice On MTN, Glo, Airtel And 9mobile

Subscribing or using the voice service on any of the Telecoms in Nigeria is quite simple. This is what every user uses by default. To do this is very simple, just get your line recharged and help yourself with the dialer on your phone to use the voice service.

Begin with airtime recharge because you need to have airtime before you can use the service. To recharge your line, you can recharge with logical PIN or via the other channels such as quickteller, bank etc. If you can have a bank account, you can recharge via your bank code or simply buy the recharge card. Please find below the recharge format for each network;

For MTN, dial *555*PIN#

For Glo, dial *123*PIN#

For Airtel, dial *126*PIN#

For 9mobile, dial *232*PIN#

On the recharge card, the PIN is the long number usually fourteen (14) or sixteen (16) digits.



How To Subscribe For Data On MTN

To subscribe for data on MTN, you will need to have airtime on your line which you must have recharged via any of the available channels. On MTN, there are three ways to subscribe to a data plan of choice. You can subscribe by sending keywords of the data plan of choice to 131. You can also dial the unique code for such subscription and you can subscribe to data plan by using the self channels such as *123# or *131#. Lastly, you can subscribe for data plan directly from your bank account via *904#.


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How To Subscribe For Data On Glo

For Glo data subscription, you can either subscribe by sending keywords of the data plan to 777. You can as well dial the code for the data plan. You can also subscribe directly from your bank account via *805#.


How To Subscribe For Data On Airtel

For data subscription on Airtel network, you may dial *121# or simply check out the keywords and send it to the respective number. Most data subscription on Airtel have its code.



How To Subscribe For Data On 9mobile

The 9mobile data subscription can either be done by sending keyword to 229 or dial *200# and use the self portal USSD. You can as well dial the unique code for the respective data plan.


For further assistance or enquiry, kindly contact the customer service of the network you wish to be assisted on. MTN is on 180, Glo is on 121, Airtel is on 111 while 9mobile is on 200. Please note that calls to this customer service from a different network is at a charge while that from network is free.


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