Domain business is the buying and selling of selling of domains. It is the selling of online space for businesses, individuals, organizations, governments as well as agencies. Almost all businesses are online these days with lots of organizations creating an online presence. This means that there is enormous business opportunities in domain buying and selling. This has made several people millionaires and thousands of people are currently making ends meet through it at the moment.


In the last few decades, there has been great sales of domains including high purchases such as Facebook which acquired her domain name for $8,500,000, GP LLC acquired her domain name for $11,000,000, Clover Holdings Limited acquired her domain for $13,000,000 etc.


Domain Business

There are a number of ways one can do the domain business and make lots of money.

One of the ways is to be on the lookout for domain names that have not been registered before and then register it. Such domain must be the one that will most likely be needed at a later time and could be purchased for a higher amount  by desperate intending buyers in the future. This will require you to do a lot of forecasting. You can buy domains from domain registrars such as,,, etc.


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Also, another way is to be on the lookout for recently expired domain names and then register it quickly before the owner or anyone finds out. This is done with the hope that the owner or other intending buyer will have to pay a higher amount to get back the domain. This is often more profitable than the first option if carefully obtained and carried out. Places where you can get expired domains include GoDaddy Auction, NameJet Auction, Pool Marketplace Domains, SnapNames Auction etc.


Please note that you cannot buy domain names that has trademark of a company or an organization, it will be termed as stealing. This is because once it carried their trademark, it means it belong to them. No one pays for what he already has. Take caution on this part.


Furthermore, you could buy domain names in bulk and sell in bits. There are a number of platforms that allows being a retailer which gives access to purchase in quantities and then sell to individuals. You can get any of them that is suitable for you, register and get started. An example of place to get such opportunity is


Where To Sell Your Domain

After acquiring a domain, you will definitely need to make it known for sale so that people interested in it can reach you and probably buy from you. There are lots of places you could display the sale of the domains beginning with your own personal website. Your business or personal website is the first place followed by several other auction or sales website which include, eBay,, Flippa, Brand Bucket etc.


With this information, you can be sure that domain business is not just one of those businesses that isn’t lucrative. It is highly profitable if well done with achievable objectives.


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