Getting an ATM card at various banks is a lot easier nowadays without much stress or having to fill forms and stay on long ques. In fact, its no longer the keep checking back in two (2) weeks module. And many times, it takes about four (4) weeks and even more back then.


Now, requesting and get your ATM card can be as simple as launching your mobile app and navigating through to request for your ATM card. More importantly, we are looking at how to use the Gtbank mobile device to request for the ATM card. Let’s get started!

You need to download the app and install on your mobile device first. You can get the app from your mobile app store. It is important that you have internet connection on your device. After installation, you may create an account on the app with your account number. Login and navigate to the menu to select the card tab. From here, you can request for the ATM card of your choice. You will also indicate the venue to pick it up. Please ensure you have sufficient account balance for the transaction before applying. You need at least one thousand naira (N1000) in your account. Well, my first time ATM card request for my two accounts with Gtbank, I wasn’t charged so I don’t know maybe its luck because the banker emphasized that I have sufficient money before applying. So you may try it too.


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After from applying via the mobile app, you may also apply via the internet banking if you are registered on that platform. All you need to do is login into your account online and then navigate to the card menu. Request for the ATM card, select the nearest pick up branch and submit. When the card is ready, simply walk into the bank and pick up your card at the customer service desk.


Well, if you can’t go through these internet enabled option to request for your ATM card, then you can still go through the traditional way. Its quite simple, just walk into any Gtbank branch close to you, navigate to the customer service desk and make your intentions known. You will be given a form to fill, fill and submit. You will be guided afterwards on how you will get the ATM card.



You May As Well Request For Your ATM Card Via  GTConnect

GTConnect is an interactive voice response (IVR). You can get it at every Gtbank branch. Just ask them at the customer service for direction. Or locate the hanging telephone on the wall. It normally has a few instruction pasted by it that you can help yourself with. Just follow the voice response and you will get the request done in few minutes.


With the details above, you can easily request for the ATM card. Wish you the very best in your ATM card application quest.


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    please i need my ATM card, i don’t know if i will be alble to get it on monday

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