Sometimes people want to really know how much data connection you can get with a particular sum. Its rather unfortunate that you can’t use the logic of arithmetic to get that. But you can always find out how much internet data you can get with an amount.


How about we telling you how much internet data you can get with N500 on the “everywhere you go” network. If you haven’t thought about how much data you can have with N500 on MTN network, let’s show you! While some feel N500 is a lot of too small to get you a data plan on MTN, some other feel that even if it does get you a data plan, it can’t be a reasonable one.



Different Data Packages For 500 Naira

There are two possible ways to get a N500 data plan on MTN network. These two ways will give you different data cap on different platform, the choice depends on you. The data is accessible and usable on any device. Please find the full description below;



  1. N500 for 750MB

This particular data plan offers a total of 750MB worth of browsing data. It offers a 500MB that can be used at any time whether morning, afternoon or night. Then an additional 250MB worth of internet data is given as bonus data. This bonus data is only accessible between 12am and 7am.


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This data plan is valid for 7 days. And it can be accessed in different ways as long as their sufficient airtime on the line. You may either dial *103# or send 103 to 131. You may also dial *131# and then select weekly data plan to choose this option. Immediately it is activated, you will get a confirmation SMS.



  1. N500 for 1GB

This feels better to hear right? Catching 1GB for just N500. This offer is not for everyone, however it can if all customers move to a particular tariff plan that offers this great product.


This tariff plan is called MTN Pulse. This tariff plan offers wonderful packages. It determines the amount to be charged for each transaction and on it this tariff plan, you get to use 1GB for N500. This data is valid for 7 days.


First, you will need to be on the MTN Pulse tariff plan. To do this, please dial *406# and then select option 1. After a successful migration, dial the code and choose option 2 to purchase 1GB for N500. Please note that first migration is free but it will cost N100 after the first migration in 30 days. Please ensure you have sufficient balance before trying to purchase the data.


With any of these data plans, you can get to enjoy data plan for N500. The one you go for depends on your choice.

For further enquiry, please dial 180 and speak to customer service representative or use any of the social media platforms to reach out for help.


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