Etisalat is a telecommunications service provider in Nigeria. The Arab owned network is fondly referred to as 0809ja, a name that originate from its first number series. Etisalat was and is still widely accepted.

Etisalat offers reliable call and data services. Over the years, Etisalat has always provided wonderful tariff plans that are cost effective. Some were designed with data bonus for the internet savvy, some tariff plans offers more call units while some took care of both.

This piece seeks to look into one of the dynamic tariff plan called etisalat easylife. This tariff plan is referred to as etisalat easylife 4.0. This article look at the charges and benefits as well as  the migration process.


Etisalat Easylife 4.0

This is a tariff plan designed for prepaid customers to enable them make calls to all networks in the country at a pocket friendly rate of 11k per seconds. This package comes with a N5 daily access fee. Subscribers are also able to make calls to four international countries at 20k per seconds. The countries include USA, India, China as well as UK landlines.

The N5 daily access fee is charged on the first call of the day. The N5 daily access fee will not be charged if the subscriber makes no call throughout the day. The N5 daily access fee will be charged after the first call of the day.

This package is truly easy life for etisalat subscribers. You can keep in touch with friends and family member who are far from you if they reside in any of the countries charged at 20k per second. You can as well receive calls for free while roaming. This is indeed easy life. I will not forget to appreciate a nice package as this. Its highly commendable.


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Merits of Etisalat Easylife 4.0

  1. Calls are made at the rate of 11k per second to all networks in Nigeria.
  2. Calls are charged at 20k per second to four international destinations which are China, UK landlines, USA and India.
  3. Subscribers can enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 6 countries.
  4. Both national calls are at reduced price.
  5. International call rates are at reduced price.
  6. Absence of first minute call charge
  7. Free incoming call while on roaming


Etisalat Easylife Migration Codes

To enjoy the etisalat Easylife 4.0 Tariff Plan, kindly migrate to Easylife 4.0 tariff plan for free by dialling *420*1#. To ensure you are on the package, please dial *244*3#.

If in the process of migration, it turns out to be unsuccessful, you may need to call the customer care agent for assistance. You may reach the customer service agent on 200. You can as well make enquiries through customer care agent line.


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