First bank of Nigeria has been a tested, trusted and reliable banking institution, Originally established in 1894 and known as Bank of British West Africa by the British, it was later renamed first Bank of Nigeria in 1979. This institution after a century has earned a reputation for surviving every Nigerian banking policy and reformation till date.

The banking institution operates in 790 branches all across Nigeria and yet still maintained its international presence in countries like United Kingdom, Johannesburg, Abu Dhabi and Beijing.




First bank produces a workforce of over 8,000 staffs for its 10 million active customers all across the country, all through the ages First bank has remained efficient in its service delivery by provident excellent and innovative service in its span of over 120 years. Its customers request several services either on local or foreign transaction. And at the cost of providing an efficient service, other customers are affected in their banking service, and at times leading to anger and frustration.
In recent event, in effort to increase customer satisfaction, reduce continuous inflow of customers to their bank. First bank introduced an (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) USSD service to its customer to help increase banking efficiency and service delivery.


This service gives customer fast, convenient and secure access to banking services without the stress of visiting their bank.  This code gives customer the opportunity to transfer money, to recharge their phone, pay bills and more at your convenience. The most interesting thing about the mobile service is that it requires no phone or internet connection. Just dial the code and you are good to go. But there are some basic steps involved to enjoy this service.

To start enjoying this service you must have an active first bank account, which has a valid mobile number linked to such account.

Simply dial *894*0# to enter this service, this code gives you instant access to enjoy the service, customers can also dial *894# and get quick banking service without having to dial all the below listed codes. After dialling this digit; two option are displayed for the customer to choose from

  • Quick banking
  • Firstmonie

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At this point click the quick banking and get started

To transfer money from First bank account to another first bank account

  • Simply dial *894*Amount*Account number#,

The phone screen will display the account name you are transferring the money to for verification

  • Click on the preferred account name and send
  • You will be required to enter your ATM 4 digit PIN

And if this is your first transfer transaction you will be requested to create a 5 digit code to complete the transfer.


To recharge your Airtime simply

  • Dial *894*Amount*phone number# and enter your five digit PIN


To check your account balance simply:

  • Dial the Magic code of *894*00#


To transfer money to another bank account simply:

  • Dial *894*Amount*Account Number#


To recharge airtime for other people:

  • Dial *894*Amount*phone number#


To get your Mini statement of account:

  • Dial *894*Account number#


This USSD service gives customers the comfort of enjoying banking transactions on the go, regardless of their current location, it service is an additional feature to proof that First Bank is an outstanding bank that is continuously willing to offer excellent banking satisfaction to its customers.


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