The train of technological advancement within the Nigerian banking sector is on the move and no bank is left behind. Every bank has find a place to register her name with one innovative product or the other. After all, all the banks wants to increase customer satisfaction as well as more customers.


First Bank, one of the ancient banks in Nigeria has register her voice in the innovative revolution of banks in the recent time by creating and launching a mobile code for her numerous customers. The code is known as *894#. This is in accordance with the current banking trend in Nigeria.


Also, the introduction of this code is to enable customers to carry out transactions on their mobile phones without a waste of time. Such things as airtime recharge, fund transfer, account balance, merchant payment, utility bill payment can be done in right on your phone from anywhere at anytime without visiting your bank or ATM spot.


Features Of The First bank *894#

Please find below features of the first bank *894# code, they reveal some of the functions and merits of using the code.

  1. It gives access to quick banking and firstmonie
  2. It offers safe, secure and fast transactions.
  3. The code only works on the registered mobile number with the account.
  4. It works on all phone types and brands.
  5. Transfer of money (inter and intra bank transactions)
  6. Utility bill payment e.g Cable TV, PHCN etc.
  7. Airtime recharge for self and others.
  8. Account Opening for new customers.
  9. Transactions are secured with self chosen and registered PIN.


What You Can Do With First bank *894#

There are a number of things you can do with the First bank *984#, all aimed at making banking experience easier and fast without leaving its security out. Below are few things from the list of what you can do with First bank *894#:


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Account Balance Enquiry

Seeking to know your account balance on the go? Simply dial *894*00# on your registered mobile number with the account number. You will instantly get an SMS containing your account balance.


Airtime Recharge Codes

To top up your line, simply dial *894*amount#. If you want to recharge N300 for instance, simply dial *894*200# and it will be recharged.

To recharge a friend’s number, please dial *894*Amount*number#. That is, if you want to recharge N200 on 08023456789, dial *894*200*08023456789# and it will be recharged.


Fund Transfer With First bank *984#

With the code, you can transfer money to both first bank account users and other bank account holders. To transfer money to with First bank *894# simply follow this steps:

  1. Dial *894#
  2. Select 1 to choose quick banking
  3. Select 1 to choose transfer money
  4. Input the amount
  5. Input the account number
  6. Choose the bank of the recipient
  7. Confirm the transaction with your PIN and it is sent.

For other transactions, simply dial First bank *894# and then follow the prompt to choose your desired transaction. Carefully follow the prompts and you will be able to carry out your transactions.


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  1. Banks should try to protect all accounts from fraudsters

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