Globacom, one of Nigeria’s telecommunication companies has decided to take customer satisfaction to the next level. They have gone one step ahead in their new offer. The company did this by packaging fantastic data bonuses into its new sim card ‘Glo Oga Sim’. The Glo ‘Oga Sim’ was launched a few weeks ago at the Mike Adenuga Tower, Victoria Island, Lagos and promises to be exciting. The Oga sim is any new Glo sim card that is purchased from a Glo office. So, if you go to a Glo Network Office to purchase your Glo sim, you have a Glo Oga Sim in your hands.


But what is the special perk of Glo Oga Sim? The Glo Oga Sim offers every new Glo data subscriber a 125 per cent automatic bonus on their subscription. This means that once a customer registers his Glo Oga Sim, he automatically gets 125 per cent data bonus on any data plan he subscribes. This is a promo bonus. It is Glo’s way of welcoming you as a new customer to their network. If you are an existing customer, you will get a 25 per cent bonus on your data plan.


Ashok Israni, Globacom’s Regional Chief Marketing Officer has said that the sim comes with fantastic data offers never seen anywhere before. He also explained the offer a bit better by stating what each data bundle will give as bonus data. Thus, as a new subscriber, if you buy #500 worth of data, you will automatically get 1.8GB data. If you buy #1000 worth of data, you will automatically get 3.6GB instead of 1.6GB. If you buy #2000 worth of data, you will automatically get 8.2GB instead of 3.6GB. If you buy #2500 worth of data, you will automatically get 12.8GB instead of 5.7GB.


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He went on to say that subscribers can share or gift the data bonus. If you are an existing customer, you will be entitled to your own Oga Sim bonus where you have not subscribed your Glo Sim for three months.


The data offer lasts for four months and you can renew it by buying a new data before the expiration of the old one.



How To Get The Glo Oga Sim

To get the Glo Oga Sim, simply walk up to any Glo office and buy one. Then, carry out your sim registration and buy any Glo data plan of your choice. You can buy a data plan by dialing *777# and following the onscreen commands.


This data package is applicable to 4G sims. If your phone is a 3G one you must have upgraded your old Glo sim to 4G to activate the offer. Once you have bought a data subscription, you do not need to do anything else to get your bonus. Ashok Israni has described this product as the biggest data offering in the country and it has spurred a lot of excitement among subscribers lately that will undoubtedly continue.


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