The Itel mobile phone company has just launched three debut phones in the Maxpower series. The phones are Itel P32, Itel A32F and Itel A15. The main feature of the Maxpower series is their superfast charging. These three phones joining the brand also have this ability with a fully charged battery lasting for three days of non-stop usage. The P32 brand for example has a battery capacity of 4000mAh.


But what is more?

The phones have come with a new package. A package that is essentially designed in partnership with 9Mobile. The indigenous network provider, 9Mobile has partnered with the Itel mobile phone brand to make available extra data giveaways to its subscribers. The plan works in a way that such subscribers also get to use any of the three new models of Itel phones. If you want to enjoy the 9Mobile Extra Data Bonus therefore, you have to access it on the Itel P32, A32F or A15 models. What a way to get double package. If I were you and thinking of getting a new mobile device, I will go for this.


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How The Extra Data Bonus Works

When you purchase the Itel P32, A32F or A15 and activate it with your 9Mobile number, you get an instant 2GB bonus data on activation and not only that; you also get 100 per cent bonus on all your data plans for the next six months! You then get 50 per cent bonus on your data plan for another six months.

This means that you will be getting data bonuses on all data you purchase within the first year of getting your new Itel phone. I’m not sure there could be a much better offer. Just make sure you buy the correct model of Itel phone.


What Does The Itel Phone Versions Covered by the Data Plan Offer You

Apart from their battery life and superfast charging ability, the Itel P32, A32F and A15 models have mouth watering specs to offer. The P32 model for example has a 5.5-inch IPS, an 18:9 full screen and an 8:8 mm body with round border edges. The P32 phone also has a 1GB RAM capacity and 8GB ROM capacity. It is also powered by a 1.3GHZ Mediatek quadcore processor. This means that the phone not only has a beautiful body design but also enough storage for your pictures, videos and documents. To now top this up with the extra bonus plan from 9Mobile is absolutely awesome.


The Nigerian mobile network provider, 9Mobile has been taking the communications market by storm with its endless initiative and innovation and this is only one of its services that has produced an array of satisfied customers.


What more can I say? Go get value for your money by subscribing to the 9Mobile Extra Data Plan!


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