Latest ground-breaking innovation from one of Nigeria’s telecomms giants Globacom Limited parent company of the popular Glo Network, is its Glo Cafe app for both Android and ios mobile platforms, the app is available for download free of charge. The Glo Cafe app is a first in its order as it has pioneered the technological path of offering subscribers a full range of personalized mobile service solutions within their account on the App installed on either their Android, iPad or iPhone mobile devices. The Glo Cafe App aside from offering a quick way out to solving problems on the network, it also offers a world of entertainment with loads and loads of content ranging from sports, music, comedy, celebrity gists, MobileTV, mobile games and video.


Below Is A Full List Of Services Offered By The Glo Cafe App

i. Easy and fast way to recharge all Glo lines.

ii. Ability to seamless contact customer support unit and raise service related tickets.

iii. Buy, gift and share data bundles.

iv. Exclusive access to Glo’s mega music festivals and concerts, Glo Laffta fest and latest event highlights.

v. Easy medium to loan data and call credit

vi. East and fast way for bill payment.

vii.Easy CallerTune management

viii. Glo Store locator for hardware products and more.

ix. Easy Internation call bundle management

x. Exclusive access to Glo MobileTV service

xi.Exclusive access to Glo gaming content downloads.


This article will throw more light on how to use the Glo Cafe App to recharge one’s mobile line. Emphasis will be laid on the Android version of the Glo Cafe App as both the iOS and Android platforms have a similar outlook:


How To Download And Setup The Glo Cafe App On Android And ios Platform

  1. Visit the App Store to download the Glo Cafe App
  2. Install the Glo Cafe App on the phone.

3 Open the app and input Glo mobile number, a confirmation sms with be sent to the phone for verification purposes.

  1. On verification, input a custom password, repeat to set own password for the App.
  2. After this the App will grant access to the user for full use.
  3. upon opening, the user should will gain full unrestricted access to the following contents in the App:


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a. Entertainment

  • MobileTV
  • Glo Laffta Fest
  • Glo Movie Cafe
  • Video Cafe
  • Music Cafe
  • Games Cafe
  • CallerTune


b.  Product And Services

  • Data Packs
  • Voice Packs
  • International Packs
  • Unlimited roaming


c. Share/Gift

  • Gift Data
  • Share Data
  • Borrow Data and Voice.


d. Support

  • Chat Support
  • Customer Support
  • Store Locator.


  1. click on ‘Recharge’


  1. Input ‘Mobile Number’ and ‘Amount’ and click ‘Pay Now’


8.This takes the user to a payment portal powered by GTBank’s GTPay mobile payment solution.


  1. Choose payment method:
  • Nigerian Mastercard/Visa/Verve
  • Mobile Money
  • *737* sms payment solution
  • Bank Transfer
  • International Cards 9Mastercards/Visa)


10.The rest of the payment format is securely handled by the Interswitch platform.

An added feature on the Glo Cafe Mobile App is the ability for users to see on the homepage of the App what either their normal account balance or data balance is.


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