We all already know what a smart card is and what it is used for. The Smart card functions just like sim cards used in our mobile phones. The smart card is open to damage from misuse and improper handling like constant removal.

A Smartcard is faulty when the decoder to which it has been paired with does not recognize the Smartcard any longer.

These would be identified when your decoder starts displaying error codes on your tv screen.


Below Are The Most Common Error Codes And What There Mean

E04-4:- Please insert the Smartcard; This occurs when the decoder can not read the card.

E06-4:- The Smartcard is either faulty or has been inserted upside down. If it is faulty, please take it to the nearest agent; When this pop up, the decoder can detect the card but does not know what’s up.

Cardless decoders are now been introduces because of the problems smart cards gives most times, but nevertheless this guide will enable you fix either your DStv or GOtv faulty smartcard errors all by yourself.



How To Fix Faulty Smartcard Error Codes Without Visiting Any Office

The two common smartcard errors, are “E04-4″ error and “E06-4″.

This can be solved by following these simple steps:

  1. Be sure to insert the smart card properly into its slot in the decoder.

This is done by inserting it and making sure the chip is facing down.

  1. After inserting it, make sure you lock it in properly.
  2. If the smart card is not detected by the decoder, use a soft clean and dry cloth to clean the golden chip on the Smartcard.
  3. If problem persist, blow air into the slot in the decoder from your mouth, because the internal terminals may be covered with dust.
  4. You can now re-insert your smart card, and make sure it is properly fixed.


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If you still get the error codes on your screen, then you should try the following steps below

  1. Remove every external accessory connected to the decoder including the HDMI cable.

You are about to reboot the decoder.

  1. Remove the power cable and wait for some minutes.
  2. Now, Fix all the accessories back in place apart from the LNB cable.

4 Power the decoder to start the booting process.

  1. After successful booting process, plug in the LNB cable and check what reads on your TV screen.
  2. You would see an I07-4 error. This means you should wait while the system repairs your Smart card.

This would take about one minutes.


If the procedure above prove abortive, then the problem has to do with the chip on your smart card. Solve this using the steps below.

* Get a paper tape.

* Pick up your Smartcard, and  apply two layers of the paper tape at the back of the card. Make sure the tape is placed directly behind the chip on the smart card, and make sure the tape does not extend to the other side of the card.

* Clean the Smart card  and insert it once more.

* Your decoder should be up and running now. If not, visit the nearest approved maintenance center.


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