As today’s world has walked away from the traditional library system of gaining information, the advent of the internet came with its wind of change which adversely affected the literary world in all sphere both writers and readers alike. Unlike the past where folks would have to walk long distances or drive to either a private or public library to glean new knowledge, all one has to do is have internet service around and a home computer, laptop or even a mobile phone could turn to a full updated library.


Websites today offer passionate readers the opportunity to read widely on the internet. There was a period taking timeout to read from the comfort of a PC, Laptop or even smartphone was quite expensive; yes, expensive because the logic was simple, you want convenience you have to pay for it. Several websites then running the eBook download systems made a killing from the business because it was quite a lucrative one and millions of people did not care to pay for this type of convenience as it save a lot of stress and time. This article will open the eyes of the passionate reader to websites where they can download eBooks 100% free. Listed below are 10 websites that offer eBooks to readers 100% free:


List Of Free EBook Website And The Download Processes


Free-Ebooks is a free eBook downloads, resources and author niche online source for a wide range of ebook categories. Free-Ebooks is more like an online community for reader/auther exchange. The website also offers free magazines and allows authors to add their content freely. Membership is required to either upload as an author or download as a reader from its library, all registrations on is free.


Free Computer Books:

This website has in its collection a huge cache of free programming, Technical, Computer and Mathematics books. Also in its collection are lecture notes and incisive tutorials. The website has its content broken down into 12 Categories and over 150 range of topics.


Many Books

This one very cool website which offers eBook downloads on a cross platform basis. Readers on the website can download eBooks on either their eBook reader, iPod, PDA or smart phones. The content library on ManyBooks is very large as it has more than 21,282 eBook available.

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This free ebook download website has more than 71.9GB worth of content on its servers, which is incredulously huge. No registration is required to be able to download from its over 96 categories of free ebooks.



This is a free eBooks downloads website where no registration is required to download from its rich online free library.



Here is another open source website like no other,  Scrobd offers its readers the ability to download content in PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and other electronic reading formats. Also, geeks can embed content directly to their blogs or website.


Online Free eBooks:

The website is divided in 9 large categories and supports most eBook formats.


eBook Lobby:

eBook Lobby offers a large collection of eBooks divided into different categories.



Snip Files offers a large library of software and eBooks for free download.


Book Yards:

Is another well stock free eBook download website which covers books on education, general, information, sci-fi, fiction etc.


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