The GTBank token is a device that enables you to perform transactions at the comfort of your home without a third party interference. Its a small device that’s linked to your account. It offers maximum protection against the community of online hackers, thefts as well as fraudsters. Without the key, It is impossible to carry out 3rd party transfers as well as online payments through the GTBank internet banking platform across the world. The Token offers opportunity to do business with people from drivers countries since transactions can be enabled with it and it can trade currencies over currencies with banks and individuals.



How To Use A Token

The token device is use to perform a number of transaction from the bank account its linked to. The transactions include transfer of fund from the linked account to other account irrespective of whether it is inter or intra bank transaction, FX transfers and sales, processing cash/draft in transit, secure code generation and lots more services.

It can also be use to make payment for your HITV subscription as well as your mobile phone bills. The Token device is useful when it comes to flight tickets payment too such as Delta Airlines, British Airways, Alitalia Airlines etc  including payment for US Visa.

With your Token device, you can place a standing order on your account. You’re also able to transfer foreign currency such as Pounds, Dollars, Euro from your domiciliary account to people across the world. Sales of foreign currencies from your domiciliary account to the bank is also possible.

All the transactions listed above and many more will normally require a 6 digit code to validate the transaction. This 6 digit code is generated by pressing the white button on the token device.


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How To Apply For A Token In GTB And Other Banks

To obtain a Token device, you may simply visit Gtbank website to download an application form for Token. After filling in the required information, visit any branch to drop the form and you can thereafter pick up your Token device there. You may also scan the the filled form and forward it as an attachment to Details of how to get your Token device will be communicated to you via email, only make sure you enter a correct email address even for further information from the bank.You may simply visit your Gtbank branch or any branch close to you and request for a Token device. You will surely be provided with form to fill after which the application process begins and yoy will be guided to achieve your objective.

It is important to note that Tokens are not given free of charge. The amount for Token application and process is usually charged directly from the bank account to which it is linked.


While the above information works for Gtbank, there are really no much difference in the mode of operation of Token devices. What will be different is the application process for the Token depending on the bank. Some do use online token which will generate one time secure PIN. Almost all Tokens do the same form of transactions, although some banks may add other services to theirs to make it more useful.


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