Have you ever been stranded and needed cash so urgently to meet a need, and couldn`t get it? Have you ever wished for an easy way to access loans online without any collateral or documentation required, and convenient repayment plans? Quickcheck loans is the answer to your problems.


Quickcheck  is a Nigerian Fintech Startup that aims to provide banking services to the undeserved. They offer instant loans at a very low interest rate of 1 percent per day. You can request for loans for a variety of purposes. It could be for an emergency, or health, or education, or even a business loan.

All you need do is to fill the form, and their machine learning algorithms take care of the rest. You can get loans loans up to ₦30,000 on the go without hassle. Approvals in less than 24h! And that is incredible.



How To Apply

Please note that all application for Quickcheck`s loans CAN ONLY be done on an android device. You cannot even do it on your computer. That said, this is how to apply for your Quickcheck loan:

  1. First, download the Quickcheck app from the Google Playstore. It is a small file, so you don`t have to worry about data or memory space.
  2. After downloading, open the app and sign in with your Facebook email address and password.
  3. Then fill in all the personal information required. You will need to fill in your Bank Details, and please note that your BVN is required.
  4. Then go to the SLIDER on top of the app page and determine HOW MUCH you would love to borrow. Enter the PURPOSE of the loan, and for HOW LONG you hope to borrow the amount, known as the loan tenor.
  5. Submit your application, and you will be told immediately if your application was successful or not.
  6. If your application is successful, you will receive the disbursement of your loan within 24 hours.


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How Much Can You Get

You can only get a maximum of #10,000 at your first application. But as you build trust with the system with early repayments, and not defaulting on your loan, the amount you can borrow increases subsequently.


If Your Application Was Rejected

It could be as a result of several reasons:

  • You did not provide enough adequate information when filling in your details
  • You do not meet their lending criteria
  • You have defaulted on a previous loan.

Apart from these three reasons, there is hardly any other reason.



Repayment Options

  • On or before your loan due date, you can choose to pay your loan via:

    – Debit card: To make a payment to clear an ongoing loan, click the “Pay Loan” button in the app and click on any of the debit cards you have saved to make repayment.

    – Bank Transfer/Cash deposit:
    Account Name: Arve Ltd
    Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)
    Account Number: 0266302303

    – USSD Code: Just type in the code as follows *402*00100834*amount# (replace the amount by the intended amount you want to transfer)

    NOTE: If you repay by Bank Transfer or USSD, you need to verify the payment in the app, by clicking “Verify” on the payment screen.


  • You also have the option of making your payments in installments, weekly. To do this, toggle the “instalment or one-off payment” button while applying for a new loan and it will automatically calculate and show you the amount you are to pay each week. And you can make your weekly payments through any of the methods above.


So you see, it is that easy to obtain a loan from Quickcheck. Never remain stranded again!


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