Startimes is a technology-based company established in 1988 in China. The company began operations in Nigeria in a joint venture with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and managed to acquire over 7 million subscribers.


Startimes is a key player in digital television solution and offers various products such as Digital television sets and Digital decoders to serve the Nigerian masses. It currently operates in about 8 African countries: Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Guinea, Burundi and the Central African Republic



Products And Services

  1. CRT 21″ TV . This is a unque and inventive television set that comes with inbuilt decoder.
  2. LCD 26″, 32″, 42″ TVs. These television sets come with inbuilt star TV decoders making it possible for subscribers to watch many more channels without installing any dish. Just pay a reasonably priced access fee.
  3. Digital Decoders. Startimes deciders are weather and environmentally friendly and also movable. It is a simple indoor antenna that gives good signal without the need to install any dish. Startimes also provides external antenna and cables for areas having signal obstruction.
  4. Promotion package which includes a month free subscription, one year warranty for decoders, availability of paying in installments for corporate bodies and availability of other accessories.



Startimes Bouquets And Subscription Plans

Before subscribing for any bouquet, you must first buy the decoder which costs #9000(SD decoder goes for #4500, HD decoder goes for #7500, Combo decoder goes for #6900) and an outside antenna of 10m cable which costs #3000. The decoder usually comes with a remote and a free one month Nova Startimes package. Below are some Startimes bouquets outlined below:

  1. Nova Bouquet. This is the cheapest of all Startimes plans at just #900/months. It offers over 26 channels.
  2. Basic Bouquet. This is also very affordable at the cost of #1300/ month. It offers over 40 channels including all the Nova bouquet channels plus some extra channels.
  3. Classic Bouquet. This costs #1900/ month and offers over 60 channels.
  4. Unique Bouquet. This is the highest.priced bouquet at #3800/month. It offers over 80 channels including all the Classic bouquet channels plus some extra channels



How To Renew Your Startimes Subscription Through Quickteller

  1. Visit the nearest ATM terminal, insert your card and enter your pin and account type
  2. Choose the Quick teller option from the ATM screen
  3. Select Pay bills, choose “Others” then enter the merchant code of the Startimes bouquet you want ti sunbscribe for and press “Proceed”
  4. Enter your smart card number then press “Proceed”
  5. Follow the On-screen guide to complete payments


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How To Renew Your Startimes Subscription Through ATM

  1. Visit the nearest branch of your bank, insert your card then enter your pin and account type
  2. Choose the Payments or pay bills option, choose “others” then enter the merchant code of the Startimes bouquet you want to subscribe to then click on proceed.
  3. Enter your smartcard number then press proceed
  4. Select tiur bank name, amount to pay and type or name od Startimes bouquet
  5. Follow the On-screen guide



How To Renew Your Startimes Subscription Through USSD On Mobile

  1. Ensure your phone number has been registered to your bank account.
  2. Dial the short code *322*1*subscription code*amount# on your mobile phone e.g *322*1*240617942*1900#.



How To Renew Your Startimes Subscription Through GTB Mobile

  1. Dial *737*37*amount*Smartcard number# on the mobile no registered with your GTB account.
  2. Complete the transaction by entering the last four digits of your Naira MasterCard or 737pin



How To Renew Your Star Times Subscription GTB Mobile App

  1. Download and install the app.
  2. Launch the app and navigate to “Payments/Pay bills”
  3. Select CableTV, select Startimes then select Bouquet plan.
  4. Complete payment by following the steps outlined above that is dial *737*37*amount*decoder-number.
  5. Your GT Bank account will be debited and your subscription renewed.


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