Most people are used to slotting their debit cards into an ATM machine in order to withdraw cash, recharge, pay bills or perform several other transactions but do you know that you can actually withdraw cash from an ATM without first slotting in a card? Bet you didn’t know that and now that your curiosity has been aroused, well I won’t keep you in suspense for long, let’s see how this is done and why you may find it handy.

United Bank for Africa PLC (UBA) is one of Africa’s oldest and most resilient banking groups. The bank has been in operation since 1949.


The bank led the interconnection of all its 428 African branches making it the largest online real time branch network in Africa and since then has set the pace for technology in the banking industry. In 2014, the bank introduced a new feature on ATMs and POS, this new feature is called the Cardless’ Enabled Withdrawal.


A Cardless withdrawal is a simple way of withdrawing money from the ATM or POS without using a card. It is ideal for use if you need to withdraw money urgently and you forgot your card or probably misplaced it. It is also beneficial if you find yourself in an open and unsecured environment and you don’t want your card to be stolen or hacked.



Requirements Needed To Cashout At The ATM Or POS

  1. Paycode or Cashout code ( Valid for only twenty-four hours)
  2. Amount
  3. One-time PIN (OTP)


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How To Setup And Use The UBA Cardlesss Withdrawal Feature

  1. Dial *919*30*Amount and follow the onscreen instructions
  2. Go to the nearest UBA branch and use the ATM
  3. On the ATM screen, select “Paycode Cashout”
  4. Enter the amount then select OK
  5. Your transaction will be verified and your cash dispensed
  6. You can also dial *919# then press 6 to select Cardless and paycode transaction from your mobile device using the mobile line you used to register your bank account
  7. You will be required to create a One-time PIN. Create the PIN and enter it to get the paycode or cashout PIN to withdraw the cash
  8. Visit the nearest UBA ATM and enter your Paycode, OTP,PIN, amount and phone number
  9. Your transaction will be verified and your cash dispensed



Things You Should Know About The UBA Cardless Withdrawal

  1. The maximum limit that can be collected through ATM is N20,000 and N150,000 through POS
  2. The paycode can be used on all UBA ATMs and other ATMs enabled with the cardless withdrawal feature
  3. The Paycode will be sent to your registered phone number(The phone number you used to open your account) as SMS and is valid for only 24 hours. You can also send the paycode to a third party to withdraw cash though you will also have to send the amount and cashout PIN also
  4. The paycode can be used to Pay for goods and services at retail outlets where the POS is cardless-enabled.


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