The business world is gaining new development every now and then with lots of advancement in payment solutions from financial institutions and trade platforms. We have witness lots of USSD codes, websites, e-wallets, POS and mobile apps built to improve payment solutions and increase customer satisfaction.


To this end, MasterCard has launched a electronic product called Masterpass QR. Masterpass QR is an online  payment solution which enable customers to make payment for goods and services with the aid of their mobile phones. Payment is made with Masterpass QR, you don’t need a POS, MPOS, ATM or ATM cards. It is a fast, convenient and secure payment option. The use of Masterpass QR app for payment attracts no additional charges.



How To Use The Masterpass QR

Before you can use the Masterpass QR, you need to first have the mobile app on your mobile device, internet connection and also ensure that the merchant you are dealing with is registered. To make payment via the Masterpass QR app, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Turn on the mobile data of your device

2. Launch the Masterpass QR app on your mobile device

3. Navigate to make payment menu

4. Scan the QR code of the merchant

5. Input the amount to be paid

6. Confirm the transaction with the PIN and the money is deducted instantly with debit notification for the transaction. You will get a debit alert as well from your bank while the merchant will also get a credit alert from his bank. Its that simple!


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How To Download The App 

You need to download this app on your mobile device before you can use it. It is available on app stores.

1. Launch your mobile app store

2. Type “Masterpass QR” in the search box to find it.

3. Upon seeing the app, install the app on your device.

4. Launch the app and register an account on the app.


How To Set Up An Account 

To set up a Masterpass QR account for as a merchant, you may do this online and as well as by visiting your bank. For online, please follow this steps

1. Log on to

2. Navigate and click “get started” beneath sign up

3. Fill out the form properly and ensure the details are correct before submitting it.

4. You will get a response by email for further steps.

You may also visit your bank customer care desk and make your intentions known and you will be assisted to get a Masterpass QR code.


With the above information, you can test out the Masterpass QR app for payment and if you are an entrepreneur make use of the platform for your business. It will no doubt help to improve your sales and make your business more cashless. That’s more safer for. Let’s get to hear from you in the comment box, how do you view this payment platform?


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