The National Youth Service Corps is a Nigerian Government organization put in place to engage fresh Nigerian graduates for a year with the sole motive of national integration. It was established in 1973 and it first began as a university graduate program but the polytechnic graduates well later incorporated. It is fondly referred to NYSC.


The NYSC scheme involves posting of the fresh graduates to a different part of the country to serve while the government pay them allowance. The posting is usually done in such a way that the graduates are posted to places outside their background and places of educational exploit to places they know little or nothing about. The NYSC scheme comprises three (3) weeks orientation camp and the rest at place of primary assignment (PPA).


Although it is usually very fun filled and educative. You hear and have the opportunity to learn new language, culture and meet several people. For many this is no joke and they are not willing to take such risk for many reasons. In a situation like this, the scheme offers a redeployment grace. It is to be noted that even if you want to redeploy, you must first go through the three (3) weeks orientation camp in that location.

NYSC Relocation Tenable Reasons

While there are lots of reasons people can put up to apply for relocation, it is to be noted that not all reasons are acceptable as a basis for relocation. Here are four (4) major reasons why relocation maybe and these include;

  1. Health conditions
  2. Security reasons
  3. Marriage
  4. NYSC Director General order

Any of these reasons are tenable for redeployment.


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NYSC Relocation Procedure

There are two major procedures for applying for relocation and this include the offline method and the online method. The relocation procedure discussed below is the online method. Everything is a lot easier and faster online. All you need is an internet connecting device (mobile phone, laptop, desktop etc.) and internet connection and you are good to go. Kindly follow through below to relocate;

  1. Log on to the NYSC website portal,
  2. Login with your email address and password which you used during your registration.
  3. Once logged in, navigate and click on the “Relocation” tab
  4. Next is to fill in all the required details in the fields provided.
  5. Verify the inputted details and then submit.
  6. Then you will need to wait for notification which could either come by SMS or email. This notification will tell you about the status of your application.

If the application is successful, you’ll be informed via SMS or email.



How To Print Your Relocation Letter

Once your redeployment has been approved, you will need to print the relocation letter which you need to take along to your new state. Here are the steps required to print the relocation letter;

  1. Log on to the NYSC website Portal,
  2. Log in with your email address and password
  3. Navigate and click on “Manage Relocation”
  4. Make payment as indicated on the portal
  5. Print your payment receipt as payment evidence.
  6. After payment, kindly to print your redeployment/relocation letter and make photocopies
  7. Take it along with you to your new State of deployment.


If you have any further enquiry, you may reach out to NYSC via this link for your concerns.


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