There are several internet service providers (ISP) in Nigeria. Among the known ones are the telecommunications company which are the airtel, glo, mtn and 9mobile. In this review, we shall take a look at the cheapest data plans available on these networks (airtel, glo, mtn and 9mobile) and various benefits.


Daily Data Plans

On the daily data plans, all the telcos under consideration have at least two each. We shall take take a look at the amount of data provided and the price, then you make the decision.

MTN has a daily offer for 20MB at N50 while Glo has 27MB at N50, at the same amount Airtel offers 20MB at N50 and 9mobile offers 10MB at N50.  For N100 daily data plan, MTN offers 50MB, Glo offers 100MB, Airtel gives 75MB while 9mobile gives 40MB. Now you can judge. Which is the cheapest?

Weekly Data Plan

For weekly data plans, Airtel offers 350MB for N300, 9mobile offers 150MB for N200 and MTN offers 150MB for N300. Glo doesn’t seem to have a week data plan. Glo offers weekly campus booster 500MB for N500. This is used to continue your exhausted data plan within period of validity.  Once again, I will like you to judge.

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Monthly Data Plan

There are several monthly data plans on each network, but we shall look at the same data amount across board. With N1000, you get 1.5GB on MTN and Airtel, 2GB on Glo and 1GB on 9mobile. With N2000, you will get 3.5GB on Airtel and MTN, 2.5GB on 9mobile and 4.5GB on Glo. MTN offers 5GB for N3500, Glo offers 8.8GB for N3000, on Airtel its 6.5GB for N3000 and 9mobile gives 4GB at N3000. Interestingly, for N4000, 9mobile gives 5.5GB, Airtel offers 9.5GB, 12.5GB on Glo and MTN offers 10GB for N5000. Now I invite you judge. Who’s got the cheapest data plans?


In order to be able to judge accurate, I will need you to put somethings into consideration which include network coverage, internet speed, speed of data depletion etc. These will really tell you if the data plan is cheap or expensive. You can further ask if you are really getting value for your money. If not, its a complete waste of time and financial resources.


An average Nigerian has uses at least two out of these networks. There are people who even have data plans subscription of two or more networks for backup. If you can evaluate the data plans above, then you can make a choice for yourself.


For me, MTN has good coverage but not really cheap data, Glo has cheap data but no good coverage (it only work super fast in some areas), Airtel really has internet speed and good coverage while 9mobile has less data but good internet connection. Now let’s have your words,  what do you think for each of these telcos.


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