Taxify app is a mobile device that enables both customers and transport service providers to interact and conduct business. Customers can request cab services via the app while drivers can respond via the same app. The app has map included in it by which you can view distances and also help you to locate places.

How To Become A Taxify Driver

To become a Taxify Driver, kindly follow this link to fill out application form

After filling and submitting the form successfully, you will be responded to via email which will tell you further things to do.


Taxify App Download Requirements

To be able download and the app, there are few requirements which include:

  1. Smartphone or tablet device with at least Android 4.1 or iOS 8.0 and above for iPhone.
  2. Mobile Internet connection (3G) with active GPS.
  3. Car charger to keep your mobile device battery on at all times.
  4. A well verified Taxify Driver account.

With these, you can now have taxify app installed and used on your mobile device.


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How To Download Taxify App

The Taxify app can be downloaded on both Google Play Store and Apple Store for free. Please follow the steps below to have it installed if you meet the above requirements.


  1. On your mobile device, launch your app store either Google play store or Apple store.
  2. In the search box, type “Taxify” and search for the app
  3. Once seen, click and install the app on your mobile device. 4. Launch the app, login with your details and navigate through the app. At least to get used to the functions.


How To Use Taxify App

To use the Taxify app, launch the app and login with your username and password. This should be saved at your first login so that you don’t have to be logging in every time. The opening page will display your activity score, average rating, today’s earnings etc.


To start your shift or to receive orders, simply go online. Choose your working radius. When a new order comes up, you will see the client’s address and the distance from you. Input the approximate time it will take you to get to the client and the click on “ACCEPT RIDE “. Once you get to the address, click on “ARRIVING NOW” and the client will immediately get an alert.


Once the client arrives, click on “START TRIP” and after arriving at the destination, kindly click on “END RIDE”. Then confirm the price calculated by the app. If the client pays via the app, you don’t have to border the client on paying you. Endeavour to rate the client and click on “CONFIRM” and you be reset to waiting for orders. If the client doesn’t appear in 5 minutes, simply click on “CANCEL”. The client will get the alert for cancellation.

You can view your earnings in the earnings menu and also make changes in the settings menu. The app is user friendly with easy to understand interface. Anyone can use it without complications.


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