Platinum MasterCard is undoubtedly the essential purchasing instrument for premium cardholders looking for a purchasing tool with a worldwide recognition and acceptance. The premium card boasts of an excellent service that comes with exceptional benefits.


Features Of The Platinum MasterCard

  • The platinum MasterCard is accepted worldwide and can be used at any payment terminal to pay for goods and services at any location.
  • The card can be used to withdraw money at any given ATM no matter the time of day.
  • The card is safe as it completely eliminates the risk and inconvenience of having to carry large sums of money around
  • Comes equipped with a pin and chip technology that serves as extra security
  • Serves as a means for effective funds management as transactions performed on the card can easily be monitored by your issuing agent or bank
  • The card comes with a 24 hours support for all complaints related to the usage of the card by your issuing agent or bank
  • The card is normally issued for a period of 3 years. However, the issue duration depends solely on your issuing agent or bank.
  • With the platinum MasterCard you can easily increase your POS and online payments.


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Benefits Of Platinum MasterCard

The benefits of the platinum MasterCard are numerous compared to other debit cards. As a MasterCard holder you are entitled to a lot of benefits compared to other credit card users.  With the platinum MasterCard users can easily

  • Shop online at any location around the world. As the platinum MasterCard is accepted as a means of payment for goods and services offline or online.
  • Platinum MasterCard holders enjoy a variety of discount available to them to help in relieving their favourite moments in their favourite location or city in the world.
  • Users have access to the MasterCard global service provided by their issuers and other third party processors.
  • When a customer’s card is available they are entitled to emergency cash advanced from their issuer. Cash is made available by money transfer services (Western Union or Money Gram) until when a replacement card is then issued to the customer.
  • In case of a stolen MasterCard, the issuer offers an Emergency Card Replacement to serve as a temporary replacement until when a permanent personalised card is produced and issued.
  • When an emergency card is been prepared customers can still enjoy the Virtual Payment Concierge to be used at hotels, dining’s and any point of travel until the card is made available.
  • Platinum MasterCard users enjoy a purchase protection where they enjoy a damage or theft insurance.
  • Platinum MasterCard users have access to the MasterCard moments shopping experience and other lifestyle privileges available at
  • Holders can enjoy discounts at several locations worldwide which is made possible by the card issuer who could either be the bank or agent.


How To Register For A Platinum MasterCard

The Platinum MasterCard is made available to customers by their issuing agent or Bank.  To get platinum MasterCard, visit your bank and request for the card and fill out an application with your details.


It is important to note that platinum MasterCard is made available to customers who meet a certain financial turnover annually.


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