The equity self service portal is an online platform created for the users of equity bank to be able to perform transactions, resolve issues and keep taps on their account. This is necessary as equity bank seeks to grant her customers less third party interference into their account and full control. This is also aimed at increasing customer satisfaction.


If you are an equity bank user or an intending equity bank  customer and you are seeking to know how to the equity self service portal, well you are on the right page. Simply take your time to read through carefully to gain the knowledge.


Features Of The Equity Self Service Portal

There are few features of the equity self service portal that makes it a great choice which you may need to consider. These include;

  1. It offers total control of one’s linked account to the equity self service portal
  2. It offers access to account at any time anywhere.
  3. The equity self service portal is accessible on any browsing device even on mobile phones.
  4. Ability to view to statement of account
  5. Ability to carry out transactions without going to bank or ATM spot
  6. Access to online customer service to resolve any issue
  7. Ability to make payment to other banks
  8. Ability to generate one time password to verify your account


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How To Register For The Equity Self Service Portal

To get registered on the equity self service portal, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Log on to the equity self service portal registration page
  2. Navigate and click on register.
  3. Fill the required personal details online and verify all the details are correct.
  4. Next is to fill in the security details.
  5. After that, you agree with the terms and conditions.
  6. Check your email to confirm your registration.

With this you can now begin to use the equity self service portal.



The Equity Self Service Portal Security Checks

The equity self service portal is built with a quality security check in mind in order to keep her users safe with their account but some form security caution is also required from the users to avoid fraudulent activities on their account. You are required to keep your password safe. Use something that can be easily remembered by you but difficult for anyone to guess. Also avoid clicking any link in an email to access your equity self service portal. Always write out the URL of the equity self service portal anytime you want to login. Never give out your password or PIN to anyone for any reason and always ensure that your device antivirus is updated. If you put these security measures in place at all times, you will do yourself a lot of favour keeping your account safe.


For further details or enquiry, please forward your enquiry email to or call +254-763063000.


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