Diamond bank is focused on contributing to the Nigerian Agricultural sector by providing finance and advisory services to Micro, Small, Medium and Large scale agricultural ventures by equipping them with an array of lending products. The Bank has been a major supporter of the Nigerian Agricultural sector and is one of the few banks that offers agric loans to farmers without collateral.



Products And Services

  1. Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme (ACGS)

This is a service that is been  managed by the Central Bank of Nigeria which provides about 75% guarantee (on all outstanding loan amount) to banks and also makes available 40% interest rebate to all it customers who pay back their loans as at when due.


The scheme is targeted towards agro livestock production such as poultry, piggery, fish farming, cattle rearing/ ranching, bee keeping and other edible livestock, crop production like cereal crops, cassava and other tuber crops, tree crops and cotton, Agro processing units like cassava inti garri, oil palm to palm oil, cocoa inti chocolate, meat processing and so on. The scheme also provides help for farm machinery purchase and hire services.


The loan limit is #1 million for individuals and #10 million for limited liability companies and registered cooperative societies. The loan tenor is 24 months and the moratorium period will depend on the business’s confirmed cash flows and transaction dynamics.

The repayments is flexible depending on the confirmed business business cash flows or transactions dynamics. Collatteral is required along with 25% cash deposit. Insurance is also provided for all loan products in line with policy.


  1. Nigeria Incentive-Based Tisk Sharing Sysyem for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL) A CBN and Federal ministry of Agric initiative which provides 30-75% guarantee on bank loans disbursed to the Agricultural sector and gives up to 40% interest rebate to agribusiness that meets repayments as at when due. The scheme is targeted towards all agribusiness alomg rhe agricultural value chain. The maximum loan amount is #2 billion and it is a term loan only.


Repayment is flexible and depends on the confirmed business cash flows or transactions dynamics. Collateral is also required in line with Bank’s policy and the maximum period for repayment is 24 months.


  1. Commercial Agricultural Credit Scheme (CACS) Established by the federal ministry of agriculture and rural development, CACS was founded for the sole purpose of promoting agricultural enterprises in Nigeria. The scheme is targeted towards all large agribusiness in all value chains with assets amounting to #100 million. It supports production of cash crops, food crops, poultry, livestock, aquaculture, feed mills development and threshing of grains and other food processing activities. It also supports farm jnput supplies, storage functions and the marketing of agro commodities and inputs.


The loan limit is #2 billion for limited liability companies and #1 billion for state government. The interest rate is 9% paid to the bank and the repayment period is flexible and depends on the confirmed business cash flows and transaction dynamics. Collateral is also part of the requirement which is in line with the Diamond bank’s policy.



Diamond Bank Agro Loan Requirements

  1. Loan application letter
  2. Board resolution authorizing the loan application (if it is a limited liability company)
  3. Three months banking relationship with Diamond bank
  4. A detailed business plan
  5. Proforma Invoices



How It Works

-Obtain a proforma invoice for the loan item from a  Diamond bank approved vendor

– Pick up a loan application letter from any of the bank’s branches nationwide, fill the form, attach the required documents then submit

– You will need to provide a proof of income or employment, identification documents and date of birth certificates .

– The decision on your loan request will be communicated to you within 48 hours of submitting your application

– If your application is successful, the payment for the service/device/equipment will be made directly to the dealer’s account and the items available for delivery to you.



  1. Adeniyi Adelere Alex

    I have interest about the diamond Agricultural loan

  2. Am interested in the diamond Agric loan I already have a fish pond I manage and I need a soft loan of about 500,000,and can I be given a space of 4months before I start paying back the loan to enable my fish get to market size, and what is the loan

    1. You would have to visit any of the branches for further discussion.

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