The Internet banking or Online banking platform is one of the newly introduced electronic payment banking style; that enables the bank users/ clients to have access their accounts and transaction records at any time of day and anywhere. Polaris Bank have chose to give their clients the best of all online banking platform, by introducing and launching to them the Polaris Internet Banking.


Polaris Internet Banking platform is a quick, simple, and a secured platform that enables every client to perform exchanges or transfer services whenever or wherever it might suit them, at their convenience. This platform can be accessed to on an Android device, and any other gadget that is internet-based.  It functions are more like that of the bank to the clients. Below are the special features attached to this platform:


  1. Polaris internet banking can be used for all payments transaction be it within or outside of the bank
  2. Funds transfer can be perform on the platform as well (National or International)
  3. Bills installment such as transport bills, internet subscription, cable TV, and many more.
  4. It can be used for recharging services like the mobile phone recharging


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How To Enroll For Polaris Internet Banking

  • Log on to the Polaris bank website;
  • Sign up to the service by clicking on the button with the internet banking icon
  • Enter the User ID, and a valid email address (preferable the one used during the initial registration with the bank); and other necessary details provided during registration with the bank.

Note: all provided information must be valid and correlate to the registered one

Visit any of the nearest branch of Polaris bank to complete the registration process by filling the e-services request form.



How To Activate To The Polaris Internet Banking Service

Steps for activating to the Polaris Internet Banking service are stated below:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on the button with LOGIN-POLARIS XPERIENCE
  3. Tap on the option showing the updated banking
  4. Select “New User”
  5. Click on “Register Here”
  6. Enter the User current ban Account Number
  7. Enter the valid Email Address
  8. Enter user’s valid Mobile Number
  9. Tap on the button with “Continue”
  10. Choose the button showing “User ID” to select the preferable User’s ID and Password
  11. Although, in some cases the Users ID are generated by the bank.
  12. Enter the security questions and answers; as it will be required when user wants to log in or make fund transfer



Benefits Of Polaris Internet Banking Service

Below are the benefits enjoyed by this platform users after registering and activation:

  • It is easy, quick and convenient to utilize.
  • It is a simple and cheap way of accessing banking record all day, every day and even on open occasions.
  • It takes out time spent in the banking hall
  • It monitors time utilization
  • It enables proper management of cash flow


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