In this review, we would be looking at UBA Savings Account processes as the requirement for owning a savings account in Nigeria varies from bank to bank. Usually, Customers are required to provide the following to create a savings account.

  • submit a maximum of two passport photographs.
  • utility bills (in some cases).
  • fill out know-your-customer forms containing customer’s biographical data.
  • Provide a valid ID card or company ID card for savings salary account.
  • Immigrants will asked to provide work/residence permit before opening a savings account in Nigeria.

Banks will demand that customers open this account with a minimum of #1,000 only which is forfeited during withdrawals unless a customer wants to close the account. Furthermore, some banks operate a zero-account which means customers are allowed to open savings account with a cash deposit or without any cash deposit.



A Signature of the customer is mandatory because it is mainly required when a customer wants to withdraw bulk amount at the bank or when. He/she intends to transfer huge sum of money physically.

UBA Bank is one of the growing banks in Nigeria and has different account types which are very simple to open depending on the needs of the customer. UBA bank stands for United Bank of Africa because it’s a pan-African bank which was established in 1949 in mission of serving Nigerians in terms of financial savings and was incorporated on 23, February 1961.More Nigerian banks are now giving people the option of opening a basic savings account with little or no documentation.

Uba savings account is a type of savings account that allows one to save money and also have an ATM card for withdrawal if you just provide a passport photograph and some money in your account.


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In fact, you don’t really need to bring any money forward just to open the account because you can open it with a zero balance. You jsut need to deposit money into your account before being given your Debit card. When the uba savings account have been created for you with just your passport photo, anyone can start making deposits into your account using your account name and number from anywhere in Nigeria.



Benefits Of UBA Savings Account

  • It Is very easy to Open the account.
  • Customers Earn interest on their savings.
  • No need for a whole lot of documents to prove yourself.
  • Quarterly interest payment.
  • Cash transfer from current account into savings account.
  • Lodgment of dividend warrants & cheques into the accounts.
  • ATM Card.
  • Access to internet and mobile banking.
  • Eligibility.
  • Individuals in public & private sector.
  • Business men & women.
  • Clubs & associations.
  • Sole enterprises & partnership companies.




  • Completed account opening form.
  • 2 Digital passport photos.
  • Valid means of identification i.e. International Passport, Driver’s Licence or National Identity card with another ID that captures prospect’s signature in it.
  • Letter of introduction by a UBA account holder/Employer/Professional that is a member of a recognized body of professionals OR.
  • Copy of NPHC in the last 3 months old.



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