MoneyGram International Incorporated is a money transfer company established in the USA in 1940. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It was initially an arm of Integrated Payment Systems and became a publicly traded company in 2004. MoneyGram is a public financial service with operation centers in several other offices all across the globe.


At present, MoneyGram operates in over 250 countries in the world and has over 347,000 agent offices. It has grown to become the second largest money transfer company ( After Western Union). Some of its products and services include Official check, Money order, Money transfer and Bill payment services.


MoneyGram Estimator

The MoneyGram Estimator is a unique feature on MoneyGram that allows you to find out how much you will be charged before you send money across. It is used to estimate the cost of transferring funds from anywhere you are to the desired destination. The steps outlined below describes how to use the MoneyGram Estimator

  1. Log onto https:// www.
  2. Enter the money transfer details such as the country you are sending the money from, the currency, the destination the money is going to and the amount of money.
  3. Verify the details to confirm it is correct then tick the confirmation box if you want the fee to be included.
  4. Navigate and click on “Estimate” and you will be redirected to a new page containing the details of the transfer


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How To Send Money Via MoneyGram Estimator

  1. Visit the MoneyGram agent nearest to you . Go along with your ID card, amount, account number and full name of the beneficiary that matches their ID and account details.
  2. Fill and complete the money transfer form then pay the required transaction fee so it can be processed quickly.
  3. Call the beneficiary to give them the Reference Number



How To Receive Money Via MoneyGram Estimator

  1. Locate the MoneyGram agent nearest to you
  2. Fill and complete the Receive Form at the agent’s office with the Reference Number used in sending the money
  3. Show the agent a valid means of identification for verification and your money will be handed over fo you.



How To Track A Transfer on MoneyGram

  1. Log onto the website at
  2. Enter the Reference Number or Authorization code followed by your last name
  3. Click on “Track” to track the status of your transfer


How To Pay Bills on MoneyGram

  1. Log onto the website at
  2. Select the company or company code you want to pay into


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