The smartphone network, Airtel is a major player in data internet niche. It is well known for speed and its different data bundles. So, for Airtel subscribers especially those on their internet service, Airtel offers a fast internet connection which adjust itself to the level of the device whether edge or LTE (long term evolution).


In the recent times, Airtel has upgraded her internet connection to 4G LTE. She has also offered to freely upgrade SIM cards in other to make it compatible with the 4G LTE. Simply walk into any Airtel office close to you, provide your SIM card and you will be given a new SIM card that is 4G LTE compatible. You will still have your number.


To really enjoy the 4G LTE, ensure you get a 4G LTE  compatible device. If you are planning to get a device that is 4G LTE compatible, you should get the 4G SIM too. Although it can step down to 3G LTE or 2G (Edge) as the case maybe. So, this means you have nothing to lose. Its all good.


So if you are an intending customer or currently an Airtel user, the piece focuses on the daily data plans that you can do on the Airtel network. We shall be discussing the volume of day and activation code. But remember these data plans are for a day ie 24 hours. These are quick fix data plans.


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There is 50MB data plan that anyone can subscribe to by dialling *410#. This data plan will cost you N100. There is another 40MB worth of data that cost N100. You may subscribe to 40MB by dialling *440*18#. For me, I think I will rather go for the 50MB since they are both the same price.  These are the only data plans that expires in 24 hours.


There are other data plans of three (3) days and five (5) days respectively. The three (3) days data plan offers 200MB worth of data. It goes for just N200. To subscribe, kindly dial  *412#. The five (5) days data plan offers 5MB daily. Based on review, it is acknowledged to offer a total of 25MB. Kindly dial *401# to subscribe. This data plan is often referred to as 5-Star Pack.


You can as well use the self service channel to view the data plans and even subscribe for the data plan of your choice. To access the the self service portal, kindly dial *121# and follow the prompt to select data plans. From the data plans, select daily plans and it will bring out the data plans with the price, select it to subscribe to it. Whether you are subscribing via the self service portal or any other means, it is important that you have sufficient airtime for the subscription.


To check your data balance, you may dial *140# and you will an SMS containing your data balance. You can as well dial *141*11*0# for your data balance. You may contact the customer service on 111 for any assistance or further enquiry.


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