Has your US visa expired? No worries! Today, we will show you how to renew your US Visa in Nigeria and all that is required. You need to understand that visa application process is the same irrespective of if you are renewing your visa or applying for the first time. Also note that even if the passport where your visa was stamped has expired, your visa might still be valid. It is very possible for you to travel to the U.S with your expired passport which has a valid visa and a new valid passport.


Please, be aware that your visa renewal will only be applicable to you if you are re-applying for the visa in the same category with the expired one. For example, if your B1/B2. Any visa you want to renew must be in the same category.


The time for your U.S visa renewal will depend on the category of visa you want to re-apply for. So you should not expect your visa to be fast and easy.

Please note that:

  • You cannot renew your U.S visa if your last visa was revoked or cancelled.
  • You won’t be able to re-apply for more than one visa at a time
  • You cannot be able to re-apply for a U.S visa in Nigeria if previously you do not have a visa to U.S.A
  • You won’t be able to re-apply for a visa which is not in the same visa type with the expired one.
  • You cannot apply if your visa expired over 12 months ago.
  • You won’t be able to re-apply again if you lost your passport that had a valid visa.


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The Required Documents That Will Be Needed

  • You should have a current and valid passport
  • You would need to duly fill the renewal application form. It can either be Form 1-797 which is H and L work visa or Form DS-2019 which is the J exchange visitor visa.
  • You should have any passport which contains a previously issued U.S visa.



How To Renew Your U.S.A Visa

We introduce to you the Dropbox U.S.A renewal services. This service helps you to apply for U.S visa renewal without attending any interview. Be aware that this services only available for people with B1/B2 visa, F, H and L visa.

  • Please go to any GTBank close to you and pay the machine readable visa fees for the category of visa you want to renew.
  • Go to the U.S embassy website to fill the form to renew your visa and also the DS 160 visa application form. Ensure you print the application confirmation page and keep your receipt and the confirmation page printout.
  • You should visit the CGI visa appointment website for U.S mission to Nigeria and go to the top right hand corner of the page and click the apply now button.
  • Answer all the questions that are provided, then you would be able to print your application confirmation sheet containing details of when to submit the application to DHL in Lagos or in Abuja. Note that you only do all these if you qualify after answering the questions.
  • You can now choose the pickup location for your new passport and visa.


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