Schengen is regarded as the EU passport free zone which happens to cover most of the European nations and it’s the biggest free travel zone in the world. 26 European states makes up Schengen which includes Estonia, Belgium, Czech republic, Croatia, France and many others. Getting a Schengen visa gives the holder an unrestricted passage to all the Schengen member state.

Schengen member state are the world most visited tourist destination such as Greece, Spain, Portugal and Paris, meaning that Schengen is the world tourist paradise. For any Nigerian who intend to travel to any of the Schengen member nation, a visa would be required. Today we will show you how you can apply for a visa to enter into any of the Schengen member nation as a Nigerian and all the requirement needed.



How To Apply in Nigeria

To apply for the Schengen visa, you can just follow this step by step procedures:

  1. Get your Schengen visa application form
  2. Clearly fill and complete the visa application form
  3. You can then submit your visa application form with all the needed documents
  4. Make sure you do a follow up on the status of your visa application.


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The Schengen Visa Requirement

Below are the basic required document needed for you to get the Schengen visa in Nigeria

  • A Schengen visa application form which is duly completed and signed by you
  • A complete duplicate copy of your international passport without the blank page
  • A duplicate copy of your national ID card (both side)
  • An original international passport that is still valid for travelling to the member nation that you intend to visit
  • Your international passport validity should exceed the time you intend to spend in the Schengen member state with at least not less than 6 months
  • Your passport should not exceed 10 years from the date of issue
  • For those applicants not from Nigeria, a proof for lodging the application should be provided
  • If you have been given a new passport within the last 3 years, then you will need to provide the original copy of the previous passport
  • You will need to provide one coloured passport photograph that is not beyond six months old, the passport size should be 45 mm x 35 mm, showing applicants full face and must be taken in a white background.
  • You will need to present your CAC business registration certificate if you are a self-employed applicant
  • If you happened to be an employed person, then you will need to provide a letter from your employer show casing some details like your leave duration, the position in the company you work and others
  • You will need to provide a personal medical insurance for travelling which should cover your entire stay in the country you are travelling to Incase of medical emergencies, emergency hospitalization, In case of death repatriation, medical repatriation, etc. you must have at least EUR 30, 000 in your insurance coverage, and should exceed the duration you intend to spend in the Schengen country
  • A proof of air flight booking
  • A proof of visa processing payment


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