It is a well-known fact that GoTV is one of the paid satellite TV in Nigeria even though it has it has its own bad side like every other paid satellite TV in Nigeria. Sometimes you may be unfortunate to see your GoTV showing E17, E48-32, Eo16 and E32 error codes. If you have ever seen this GoTV error codes on your GoTV satellite, then worry no more, because help has finally come.

This GoTV error messages are not rear problems for any GoTV subscribers, these error codes usually appear when you forget to renew your GoTV subscription before it expires. However, even after you re-subscribe your GoTV, these error codes might still be displaying on your TV screen.

Yes, it might be frustrating to keep seeing these error codes even after re-subscribing. It is very normal to see these error codes because you allowed your GoTV subscription to expire before you re-subscribed. This error code problem is not just a Naija thing, meaning that it is not only Nigerian GoTV subscribers that experience these error codes, even the GoTV users in Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and every other country that has the GoTV network also experience the same error messages.

Please note that even though you have renewed your GoTV subscription, these error codes will still be showing on your TV screen.

Today, we will be showing you how to clear E48-32, Eo16, E17 and E32 GoTV error codes, if GoTV is your favourite satellite  TV service provider, then it is very possible that you might have seen these error messages more than once. You do not have to allow these GoTV error codes stop you from enjoying your GoTV programs and channels that keeps your family together. Just follow own laid down step by step procedure to clear these error codes.


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To Clear The E016, E17 And E32 Error Codes Please Follow These Steps

First Step: you will need to open the message box that is on your decoder.

Second Step: you will need to send RESET plus the IUC number to 4688. For instance, what it simply mean is that, you will be sending this, RESET 5678012574 to 4688.

After you must have sent this message, then the error will be cleared and your GoTV error problems will be solved.



Alternative Solution To The Error Codes

Here is another alternative solution to solving your GoTV error message, which will be done online.

  • Open your favourite internet browser with your laptop, PC or smartphone.
  • You will need to visit the GoTV error code solution centre via
  • You need to click on the tab easy self service
  • Then click on clear error codes.
  • Input your IUC number, then select either GoTVE016, GoTVE17, GoTVE32 and enter the captcha code
  • Then click on clear error
  • Error codes will be cleared.



How To Solve The E48-32 Error Code

  • Check your antenna it is well connected to your decoder, if not, then connect it properly.
  • Then you can click the OK button for the signal information.


If you have done all the above steps and yet to solve the error codes, please contact GoTV directly on 01-2703232 or 08039003788.



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