Data has become everyone’s business. People either purchase data to merely access internet or to download files, music, movie etc. With this, the attention has shifted from airtime recharge to data subscription. Even when majority of people make airtime recharge, it is usually to do data subscription.


So, in this review, we shall take a look at the data subscription on MTN network. More specifically, we shall take a close look at the monthly data subscription, how to subscribe and benefits. So if you are an MTN subscriber or you wish to become one but need information on this, kindly read on.


On MTN network, the different data plans come in different validity and data volume. Some are daily, weekly, monthly etc. We shall discuss the monthly data plans. These are the data plans with 30 days validity. That is, it is only accessible and usable within 30 days of subscription.



How Migrate To MTN daily Data Plan With Code

These data plans come in different sizes. Below are the different 30 days data plans available on MTN network;

  1. 1GB Data Plan

This plan offers 1GB with 500MB bonus. The bonus can only be accessed between 1am and 7am. At every other time of the day when you browse, you will be charged from the main data balance. Kindly dial *106# or send 106 to 131 to subscribe.


  1. 1.5GB Data Plan

This data plan offers 1.5GB worth of data and it goes for N1200.


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  1. 2.5GB Data Plan

This plan gives 2.5GB worth of data with 1GB bonus. The bonus can only be used between 1am and 7am. This plan goes for N2000 only. Kindly dial *110# or send 110 to 131 to subscribe


  1. 5GB Data Plan

This plan goes for just N3500. This is really a good deal, paying less for more at a price that an average data user can afford. Kindly dial *107# or send 107 to 131 to subscribe


  1. 10GB Data Plan

This is really a good deal if you are the high data consuming fellow. You get 10GB for just N5000. Isn’t that a great deal? Kindly dial *116# or send 116 to 131 to subscribe.


  1. 22GB Data Plan

This is the biggest MTN data plan for a month. For 22GB worth of data, you will pay N10,000. Kindly dial *117# or send 117 to 131 to subscribe.


To access and subscribe to any of these data plans, you may use the self service portal, *123# or the data plan portal *131#. From the data plan portal, after dialing the code, it will bring option of daily, weekly and monthly. Select monthly option and all the 30 days monthly data will come up, select the one of your choice and subscribe. Your airtime will be deducted and you will be credited with data. You can also subscribe to any of these data with *904# and pay directly from your bank. With *904#, you can as well subscribe for others via this code.


For further enquiry, you may call customer service on 180 for free from an MTN line for further assistance.


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