Beat traffic the traffic and Move effortlessly. Get Gokada, the on-demand bike taxi service. The Gokada provides an affordable, safe,  and smart ride in minutes.

The request ride feature to get you moving as soon as you want to, is here! Make use of the all new Gokada App and be guaranteed of a seamless experience.

Gokada makes moving from point A to point B a seamlessly venture- without traffic. Thanks to well trained and  verified Gokada drivers.

Are you going to grab a quick lunch, quick dash to the ATM or moving straight to the airport to board a flight, there’s a smart Gokada bike for every occasion.



Requesting A Gokada Ride For The First Time Is Easy – Here Is How Gokada Works

  • Just open the app, request a driver and view your estimated fare.
  • Your driver will arrive in minutes to mark the start of your trip.
  • Your driver arrives at your destination safely an brings an end to the trip.
  • Pay the cash to your driver. Happy riding!

It gets even better, you can also flag down a driver if you spot one on the road to get you to your destination within minutes.


With Gokada, Safety Is priority

Through The Use Of:


It is required from all drivers to wear a helmet and carry an extra helmet for their passenger. These Helmets are approved and certified by the US Department of Transportation (DOT). They are able to withstand forces typical during a motorcycle accident.


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Hairnets are included with each ride by the drivers so you may wear your helmet hygienically.


Proper Selection & Training

Every Driver is required to pass an extensive psychometric and driving test. Gokada Drivers are extensively trained in defensive driving behavior with safety always in mind.


With Gokada, traffic is never an issue.

In Lagos, vehicles travels at an average of 13 Km/H during traffic. Gokada travels at 26 Km/H during traffic.



Gokada Is 100% Legal

The engine capacity of Gokada bikes are all above 200cc, unlike the regular Okadas. These bikes meet the government standard for load bearing on major roads which means they are permitted to travel on all major roads, bridges, and highways. Travel on two-wheels from the mainland to the island, no worries!

Gokada’s possess the travel range benefits of a car while being cost friendly. In addition, Gokada ride pricing is predictable with a standard fare rate. No hagglings,  just get moving.



How To Download The Gokada App

The service requires a Gokada mobile app which riders must download to their iOS or Android-based phone, sign up, enter a valid phone number, enter pick up location and request ride. A user can then request a ride from a nearby driver. After confirmation, the app reveals the verified driver’s name, photo and bike details, after which the driver calls the user to confirm the request and destination. Be rest assured that Gokada drivers are licensed operators.


So there you have it, evade traffic and get to your meetings, weddings, events, lunch and dinner dates by downloading the Gokada app now.


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