We all know what a driver’s license is. It is the official statement or document that is given to a driver, permitting him or her to run any type of vehicle on a public road.

If a driver is caught driving without a license, there are certain punishment which he or she would face. Therefore, to be on a safer side, it is best to procure your driver’s license before hitting the road. However, you might have obtained one before and it is no longer valid. Here is how to renew your driver’s license.


The Driver’s License Renewal Process In Nigeria

The renewal of your Nigeria Driver’s License would be done on the internet.


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Follow The Steps Below To Renew

  1. Visit the website www.nigeriadriverslicence.org
  2. Do not click on New Driver’s License, click on the “Renewal of Driver’s License” tab.
  3. Wait for the page to load and input your Driver’s License Number and your date of birth in the spaces provide for them.
  4. Click on the search button
  5. The Nigeria Driver’s License website would search and provide your driver’s license information from their database.
  6. Now, select your most preferred option. i.e if you wish to renew for 3 years or for 5 years. It cost #6,350 and #10,450 respectively.
  7. Scroll below to proofread and ensure all your data are correct.
  8. Go down to the ‘processing office’ section on that page, and choose any office nearer to you.
  9. When you are done filling the online form, click on submit.
  10. Pay online using your debit card.
  11. On the next page, you have your acknowledgement slip. Print it out.
  12. Go back to the homepage of the site and click on the Track DL application status. Enter the required details and then print out the payment confirmation slip.
  13. Now go to the office you selected in step 8 with the following;
  • Your Payment Confirmation Slip.
  • Your Drivers’ License application Acknowledgement.
  • Your current Driver’s License (together with the original one)
  • Two recent Passport photo
  1. Give the document above to the officer present at office.
  2. Validate your acknowledgement slip
  3. Pay the sum of #2,200 to apply for a short written test. Note that they do not accept cash, you could use the POS or mobile banking.
  4. After the test, You are done.
  5. You would be notified when to come back for your licence.




With this few steps, you have successfully applied for the Renewal of your Driver’s License.

Note that step 14 and below could be different depending on the people in the  office you select during your application.

Also during your registration, do not select ‘yes’ when you are asked if you want to recapture.

You can select yes if you wish but it will take a longer process of recapturing your biometrics.

The only benefit of recapturing is that you will get a portable temporary card instead of carrying your validated acknowledgement slip everywhere.


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