The UBA prepaid card is an ATM card designed by the united bank for Africa (UBA) for all and sundry who loves to be a part of their customer. It is free to acquire and doesn’t require a bank account to request or use one. The card can be used for transactions across the web, ATM machines as well as on POS both locally and internationally


Features Of UBA Prepaid Card

The UBA Prepaid card has wonderful features that suggest its use, some of which include;

  1. It can be used for shopping online
  2. It can be used at both ATM and POS spots
  3. It can be used to transfer funds to any bank account
  4. It can be used for utility bills payment
  5. It can be used to recharge mobile phones
  6. The card can used at all Visa acceptance points.
  7. It comes with SMS notifications
  8. You don’t need a bank account to request and use it
  9. It is PIN protected
  10. Ability to carry out transactions anytime at anywhere across the world with access to foreign currencies.
  11. Ability to view up to date transaction history.
  12. Payment online are verified and secure by visa

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How To Request For UBA Prepaid Card

The UBA Prepaid Card can be requested for by anyone. Its very simple, just walk into any UBA bank close to you and navigate to the customer service desk to make your intentions known. Please note that you are required to come along with your passport photographs and a valid form of identification such as driver’s license, national ID, international passport etc. The customer service executive will get you started. It is absolutely free of charge.


How To Load The UBA Prepaid Card

After obtaining the UBA Prepaid Card, you will need to fund the card. There are a few number of ways to get started. You can fund your card by walking into any any UBA bank or Business Office to fund your card. You may also fund the UBA Prepaid Card via the U mobile app by simply transferring fund from another account into it. Also, it can be funded online via or These two websites are important for the card.

The UBA Prepaid Card can as well be funded by another UBA Prepaid Card by transferring fund to the recipients. It can also be funded via the Udirect which is a mobile service for UBA customers.



The UBA Prepaid Card And Transactions

The UBA Prepaid Card can be used for diverse transactions. At the ATM machines, it is operated just like any other ATM card. There you can use it to withdraw cash, make payment, airtime recharge etc. At the POS machine, it is operated same way like every other ATM card. Online, simply provide the card details and PIN and the transactions takes place.


For further enquiry, please send your enquiry email to or you may simply walk into any UBA bank or business office and make your enquiry.


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