The Walmart credit card is a credit card designed to enable people carry out transactions and purchase of items. It offers a monthly expenses.  You can pay into the walmart credit card via online platform through e-payment, email,  phone or in person at any of the Walmart stores worldwide.


How To Get Walmart Credit Card

Walmart credit card can be applied for online or at any walmart stores. To apply online, simply follow the steps below;

  1. Log on on to the Walmart credit card application page
  2. Input your email address in the space provided and click on sign up
  3. Follow the application process carefully filling in the information required. Endeavour to verify all details to be sure they are correct.

If your application is approved, you will get your Walmart credit card in about 7 business days. If it doesn’t arrive in maximum of 10 business days after it has been approved, you will need to contact the customer service.


Walmart Credit Card’s Rewards

As a Walmart credit card user, you are prone to getting some great rewards, some which include;

  1. When you get your card, you get $25 when you make your first purchase especially when its $25 and above.
  2. You save 3% on purchases made online via
  3. For purchases on Murphy USA & Walmart gas, you save 2%
  4. Also, you save 1% on purchases made at any other place where your card is accepted for transactions


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Walmart Credit Card Facts

There are some facts about the Walmart Credit Card that everyone seeking to apply for one should know. These are;

  1. Walmart Credit Card attracts no annual fee
  2. Walmart Credit Card has a grace period of 23 days
  3. Walmart Credit Card charges 3% foreign transaction fee
  4. Walmart Credit Card charges $38 maximum late fee
  5. Walmart Credit Card uses smart chip
  6. Walmart Credit Card does not charge over limit fee
  7. With Walmart Credit Card, you can get between 20.9% and 26.9% cash advance rate.


Walmart Credit Card Transactions

At any Walmart store, Sam’s Club location (if you are a member), Jewelry kiosk or any store register, you can make payment into your Walmart credit card simply provide your Walmart Credit Card details for payment at customer service desk and make payment. It will take between 24hrs to 48hrs for the the payment to be posted for transactions done in a store.

In any store or online platform, you can as well shop for things you need and pay via your Walmart credit card. It doesn’t require much, just provide your card and login the PIN to make payment. If its online, simply enter the credit card details and make the payment.

You can as well check your Walmart credit card balance. This is possible for accounts that have been enrolled online. You only need to login online and check the balance. Its that simple. You can enroll for e-Payment once you login into your profile and take advantage of its features to view current balance, last statement balance etc.


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