In the Nigerian society, Higher education degree is very pivotal. People can get these degrees by either attending a University, a polytechnic or a college of education. They Nigerian society have been programmed to value the Bsc degree awarded by the University more than other degrees awarded by other educational institutions.

They universities award a Bsc while the polytechnic offers the OND and HND degrees after the completion of the various programmes offered by the Institutions.




A Bsc degree stands for Bachelor of Science or arts degree which is awarded by a University after the completion of a programme which runs for four or more years.

A Hnd degree is the degree awarded by a polytechnic after the completion of a programme. The Hnd stands for “Higher National Diploma”. The degree is awarded for programmes that run for 2 years in the polytechnic.

Due to the nature of the Nigerian society , there is a general look down on graduates possessing a Hnd degrees in favour of a Bsc holder . This degradation is rampant especially in the labour market when employers seek to recruit people and this has made a lot of Hnd degree holders to find a way to opt for a fully awarded Bsc degree. The Hnd conversion program seeks to breach the dichotomy between the Two form of degrees.

What Is The Aim Of The HND Conversion Program?

The major goal of the Hnd conversion program is to provide an equal playing field, by way of awarding Bachelor’s degree programme, to HND holders determined to beat discriminations in the labour market. This programme provides a platform on which a university degree holder, who is dissatisfied with his or her graduation class of degree, could have another chance to top up and come out better. On the same direction, all University degree holder who may wish to cross over into other related disciplines, is afforded the opportunity through this programme.

There are some Universities in Nigeria that offer this programme such as Bells, Kwara state University, University of Ibadan, Imo state University and many more. They offer arrays of programmes which includes the following:


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– B.Sc. Microbiology

– B.Tech Biotechnology

– B.Sc. Biochemistry

– B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry

– B.Sc. Biochemistry

– B.Sc. Physics with Electronics

– B.Tech. Food Technology

– B.Tech. Food Technology (Food Science with Business)

– B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics

– B.Sc. Physics with Electronics

– B.Sc. Applied Mathematics with Statistics

– B.Tech. Computer Science

– B.Tech. Information Technology

– B.Sc. Accounting

– B.Sc. Business Administration

– B.Sc. Business Computing

– B.Sc. Economics, Accounting, Finance and Banking

– B.Sc. Finance and Banking

– B.Sc. Human Resources Management

– B.Sc. International Business

– B.Sc. Management Technology (Project Management)

– B.Sc. Transport Management and Logistics

– B.Eng. Biomedical Engineering

– B.Eng. Computer Engineering

– B.Eng. Electrical Electronics Engineering

– B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering

– B.Eng. Mechatronics Engineering

– B.Eng. Telecommunication Engineering

– B.Sc. Architecture

– B.Tech. Building Technology

– B.Tech. Estate Management

– B.Tech. Quantity Surveying




All Interested and eligible candidates must be holders of HND Certificate or Professional certificates like ICAN, ACCA etc., or Third Class Degrees from University and must have purchased JAMB Direct Entry Form.



i.The Programmes will run for a period of 2 years in all Universities offering the Hnd Conversion programmes.



How To Apply

The application process is simple. All candidates interested need to do is to purchase the Direct entry form from their University of choice and await for the examination date. The price of the form varies according to the University in question so I can’t state a Price.

What to do after the exams?

After the exams, if any Candidate is successful, he or she is to check for their result from the selected schools online portal and confirm their status. If successful, they are to proceed to the school with the stated credentials from the school portal to process their Admission



  1. Ajibayo Amos Olakunle

    I want to know all the HND(civil engineering) conversion to BSC in university of Ibadan requirements.

  2. Emmanuel Harjet

    I want to know more about this conversion programme.. I studied science lab tech (microbiology option) with a lower credit… What are the things am going to do.. Please I need an urgent reply but am currently serving and I will finish my service by September

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