Diploma is another certificate people rush in to obtain usually for admission purpose rather than for possession. With a diploma degree at hand, a direct entry admission process is much easier. It is inline with this that we look into the diploma programme of one the prestigious universities in Nigeria, the university of Lagos.


The programme is often referred to Unilag Diploma Foundation programme or Unilag Jupeb programme. It is a one year programme of serious academic drilling in the respective subjects combination in preparation for the university degree course. Well if you ask me, I don’t think it is any better than diploma programmes of other universities but the dignity of the school has rob on it. Lets take a look at the requirements and application process.



Unilag Diploma Requirements

Just like any academic programme, the Unilag Diploma programme has got academic requirements you need to meet up with before you can be granted admission. You do need to have a good O level results which include credit passes in English language, Mathematics and three (3) other relevant subjects to the diploma programmes you want to pursue. This must not be more than one sitting.

In addition to this, it is to be noted that you will be required write and pass your entrance examination. The entrance examination comprise twenty (20) questions each for English and Mathematics with fifteen (15) each for the other three subjects. You will also go through medical screening to attest to your physical fitness.


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How To Apply For Unilag Diploma

Every academic pursuit begins with application and this is not an exemption. After getting all the required academic results, you need to make your intentions known to the institution. To apply for the Unilag Diploma programme, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. log on to the university website, www.unilag.edu.ng
  2. Navigate and click on the prospective student icon
  3. From the menu, select School of foundation studies
  4. Go through the information on subjects combination to know the best fit for you.
  5. Complete the pre-application form
  6. Make a non refundable payment for your application with your payment reference number
  7. Return to the application page to complete the application.
  8. Print your receipt and examination pass.
  9. Show up on your examination day.



Once you successfully pass your examination, the journey to execellence begins the moment you are granted admission for the programme. It is to be noted that a high level discipline is required from all students who are lucky enough to be admitted for the programme.

For those preparing their mind to enroll in the Unilag Diploma programme, it is important to prepare your parents ahead for the financial commitment. The application form goes for twenty five thousand naira (N25,000) only at the moment while the school fees is around three hundred and fifty thousand naira (N350,000).

For further enquiries or assistance, you may forward an email to communicatuinunit@unilag.edu.ng or call 09093621958.


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