NTEL (Trade name for NATCOM-DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTMENT LIMITED) is Nigeria’s most revolutionary telecommunications company providing 4G LTE advanced network and super fast call-connect times, crystal clear voice and extraordinary high internet access speed. The main objective of the company is to redefine the Nigerian telecommunications landscape and enrich the lives of Nigerians by delivering advanced communications technology across a large network in  a most effective, valuable and satisfying manner. Ntel provides advanced technological solutions suitable for individual and business needs. Ntel is first telco to introduce the 4G lite and the service is presently available in only three states which are Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.



How To Be An Ntel Subscriber

  1. Buy an Ntel sim, register and reserve your number
  2. Visit the Ntel website to fill in your details including the no you want.
  3. If available, proceed to enter your pickup state (Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt)
  4. Ntel will alert you whenever your sim is ready
  5. Ntel 4G lite simcards only works with smartphone with 4G capability or 4G LTE mifis and routers.



How To Subscribe On Your Ntel Line

Presently, you can purchase airtime for your voice or data needs from ntel stores in any of the three states, super agents are online through their website or even through Quickteller.


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Benefits Of Ntel Data Plan

  1. Excellent customer service delivery and satisfaction.
  2. Unlimited data access and voice calls
  3. Available and affordable data plans with some extta benefits.
  4. Suitable for customers who use large data volumes on phones,tablets or laptops.
  5. Extraordinary high internet access speed.



Ntel Plans


  1. Smartphone Data lite: The bundle price costs #500 and the sim price is free. It is valid for 2days between the hours 10pm- 6am daily.
  2. Weekly Night Plan: This data bundle costs #1500 and is valid for 7days. It is a night plan valid between 10pm-6am daily for one week.
  3. Monthly Night Plan: This plan costs #5000 and is valid for 30 days
  4. 1GB data plan for #1000: This data plan costs #1000 and the data volume is 1GB, the validity period is 7 days and it offers several other benefit such as 10 free sms,free 100 on- net voice calls, free 25 off-net minutes voice calls
  5. 4GB data plan for #4000: This plan gives you a data volume of 4GB for #4000. The data plan is valid for 30 days and it offers several other extra benefits such as 25 free sms, 400 free on- net minutes for voice calls, 100 free off-net minutes voice calls.
  6. 16GB for #10,000: This plan gives you 16GB data volume for #10,000 and it is valid for 30 days. Extra benefits attached include 50 free sms, 500 free on- net voice calls and 200 free off- net voice calls
  7. 80GB for #30,000: This plan gives you 80GB data volume for #30,000 fir your office or business needs. The plan is valid for 90days and you get extra benefits such as unlimited on- net voice calls, 100 free sms and 400 free minutes for voice calls.
  8. Ntel XL Unlimited: This is a data only plan and it costs #60,000. The validity period is 90days and can be activated immediately after purchase
  9. Ntel XL unlimited: This plan costs #75,000 and provides unlimited data access valid for 90 days. It can be activated immediately after purchase.


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