The MTN data calculator is a new feature introduced by MTN, Nigeria’s largest telecommunication network. This new feature allows you to calculate the minimum and maximum amount of data spent over a period (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly). This will help you develop a budget for data. The data is calculated by adding together all that was downloaded or uploaded on the mobile internet connection over a period of time and the calculator then adds up the selections in real-time thereby  helping you decide what data plan is right for you.



How To Use The Data Calculator

  1. Enter the required data by moving the sliders
  2. You can check the amount of data used in sending and receiving email by entering the number of emails you receive or send per day
  3. You can check the data spent on surfing the web by entering the number of days you spend surfing the web
  4. After entering all the information above, the system will calculate the estimated data used for that period of time.


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Estimate Of Data Usage

  1. Browsing and posting to social media (Facebook, Instagram,Twitter) = 4 MB
  2. Send and Receive emails without attachment (daily) = 20 KB
  3. Send and Receive emails with attachment (daily) = 300 KB
  4. Playing games online (Per minute) = 3 MB
  5. Browsing web pages = 1 MB per page opened
  6. Music streaming (Per minute) = 2 MB
  7. Per minute of video streaming content (Non-HD video) = 4 MB
  8. Audio Streaming = 42 MB/ hour
  9. Video streaming (HD and Non- HD) 350 MB/hour
  10. Music download = 5.7 MB/song downloaded
  11. Download Apps = 20 MB/ app
  12. Read or download eBooks = 1 MB/ eBook
  13. Movie download = 1.5 GB/movie
  14. Series download = 300 MB/series



MTN Data Plans And The Estimated Usage Chart And Bundle Cost

  1. MTN 4.5GB can be used to retrieve more than 60,000 emails, download 1,500 songs and 300 videos and browse over 90,000 web pages for a period of thirty days. To activate this plan, send 129 to 131
  2. MTN 150MB can be used to retrieve more than 1000 emails, download 25 songs and browse over 1500 web pages for a period of seven days. To activate this plan, send 103 to 131
  3. MTN 50MB can be used to retrieve more than 100 emails and browse more than 20 web pages for a period of 24 hours. To activate, dial 101 to 131.

It should be noted that the data added by the calculator are mere estimates and can vary according to the size of the apps, songs, emails, web pages and type of videos ( HD video streaming uses more data than non-HD video. Also the real data used will differ according to the specific content downloaded or viewed, the type of device and the data speed per second. Using your device for WiFi hotspot will also use more data which may not be included in the data calculator.


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  1. MTN has been draining my data anyhow but now with this calculator, am set to know how my data is being consumed. Thanks alot.

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