More than a quarter and a half mobile phone users worldwide use the Android operating system as a more versatile OS, including fluidity and interactivity. Android OS allows its users to achieve a couple of benefits while enjoying seamless function of their smartphone. With so much more to offer Android developers and even uses can customized their smartphones to whatever level they wish to.

The latest trend among Android smartphone users is the use of launchers and other apps that can affect so many functions on their mobile phone positively. One of such apps which has the power to personalize one’s smartphone, gives free High Definition (HD) wallpapers, new stylized app icons, ringtones, notification/alarm sounds, is the Zedge Android App.


 Zedge Offers Its Users The Following Benefits


  1. Zedge allows users to create their own personal look for their own smartphone with customizable widgets and icons to complement their home screen background and wallpaper.
  2. Zedge offers its users the levity to browse widgets, icons and themes including special edition versions for movies, entertainment, events including moods, GIFs, Memes etc.
  3. Zedge customized App icons replace users calendar, phone, mail and other icons with a theme to suit their smartphone.


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  1. Users have access to preview and download millions of ringtones, notification sounds and alarms sounds to personalize all of their device sounds.
  2. Through its cloud service, the app allows users to Collect their favorite ringtones, alarms and other sounds to the “My ZEDGE™” folder from which they can access from any device or share them with their family members and friends.
  3. Zedge allows easy setting of ringtones and notification sounds from within the ZEDGE™ app, including individual contact ringtones.
  4. The Zedge app assigns ringtones for every family member and friend, including custom-contact-tones as well as allowing users to choose from an array of their favorite music genre like rock, rap, House, Electronica & Techno, plus voice note ringtones such as sayings, comedy and classic ringers including sound effects.



  1. Allows users to Search and browse millions of custom sized backgrounds to match both the home screen and lock screen of their Android powered smartphones.
  2. Zedge allows its users to access popular Wallpapers for both home and lock screen from categories such as entertainment, sports, landscapes, abstracts, inspirational quotes, also Zedge gives its users tons of live wallpapers and other images.
  3. Users are allowed to use the Cropper Tool to personalize images of their choice suitable for both their home and lock screen.
  4. Zedge users are allowed to preview and quickly set whatever wallpapers or background photos they browse on the app to their home screen and lock screen, simple and easy from within the app!
  5. Zedge offers users a cloud support system to save their favorite wallpapers to the “My ZEDGE” folder on the app, to access from any device or share them their family and friends.


The Zedge app can be downloaded on Google Play Store via:

Upon download and installation on the users’ smartphone. ZEDGE has a DIY onscreen easy to access tutorial for use. Using can choose whether it is their wallpapers, audio or app widgets and icons that need some tweaking after installation.


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