PNC is a financial service provider founded on 10th April, 1845. It later became operational on the 28th January, 1852. The financial services corporation has her  headquarters at the Tower at PNC Plaza Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. PNC is a big financial service provider in united states and across the globe.


As at 2016, the giant financial services provider has 49,360 employees, 2,520 branches with the total US$3.903 billion net income. In the united states, it is the fourth bank with the highest number of ATMs, sixth largest by deposits and ninth by high number of assets with 9,024 ATMs. So the PNC Bank is a well respected bank with a difference.


The PNC Bank in its bid to satisfy her numerous customers and enhance faster, easier and convenient transactions offers a number products such as online banking, text banking and mobile app. More specifically, this piece looks into the PNC mobile app.


The PNC Bank mobile app is a mobile application designed to assist PNC Bank customers have access to their account and also carry out transactions from their internet enabled device. This means as a PNC Bank customer, you can now operate your bank account from your mobile device and carry out transactions without going to bank or ATM spots. All you need is an internet enabled device, the installed app and internet connection.


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Features Of PNC Mobile

The PNC Mobile app can be a lot helpful in managing both account and transactions, here are things you can do with the aid of the app:

  1. Faster, easier and convenient access to fund.
  2. The view of mini account statement
  3. Online payment at any time.
  4. Ability to check account balance
  5. The transaction carried out is highly secure
  6. You can locate the nearest PNC Bank branch with the help of the app.
  7. You can manage your healthcare account such as HSA, HFA etc.
  8. Availability of investment and financial advisor.
  9. As a small business owner, you can drop checks into your account via the app.
  10. You can use the app to reactivate your cards, manage alerts and check transaction history.


How To Download PNC Bank Mobile App

To download the PNC Bank Mobile App, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to
  2. Navigate and click on personal account
  3. Next, navigate and click on online banking
  4. From here, please navigate and click on mobile banking at the base of the page.
  5. On the following page, you will see links to download the app depending on the type of your device. Click on the appropriate link and download the app.

When you download a new app like this, I often recommend that you launch it and navigate through it to get acquitted with the functions.


For further enquiry or any complaints with the mobile app, kindly call 412-803-7711 between 8am and 5pm from Monday to Friday. Someone will attend and respond to your queries.



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