Today, we will be focusing on a guide which will help candidates who will be attempting the JAMB CBT exam to answer the CBT questions like a professional and remove the fear of failing.

Here, we will make sure we give a step by step guide on how to answer the CBT questions, we hope this guide will be helpful to all candidates wishing to write the exam.


  1. Ensure You Fill All Necessary Details And Tick All Fields Properly

You may be required to supply your registration number or other information which will enable them to auto-generate the details you registered with when you are being checked in. you should ensure that you correctly cross check whatever is auto-generated for you if it corresponds with your registration details, so you don’t lose your result to someone else.

Before the start of the exam, you will be expected to enter your registration number into the computer and click on next, after which you will get exam instruction before you start.


  1. Read All Instruction Very Carefully

In every exam, you should not assume you know all the rules. Make sure you pass through all instructions that comes out on the screen as you proceed for the exam and make sure you adhere to them. Remember in this kind of exam, instructions are like a guide with all details as how you are supposed to proceed with answering your questions.


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  1. You Should Have A Target Time For Each Subject Depending On The Amount Of time That Is Allocated To The Exam

Normally JAMB gives two hours for their exam which is 60 questions each. To avoid wasting much time on a particular subject, you should make sure that the time is being shared according for the four subjects.

There is a count down on the computer screen which displays your time for you to see. It has been confirmed by JAMB that if there is a power failure, your time will not be affected, your exact time will be restored once there is power supply with all answered questions saved.


  1. Start With English Language Paper First Before Others

It is advisable to start with English language paper because if you are well prepared, you can finish it in about thirty minutes. Doing this, will give you the confidence to take other subject properly. Once you have finished English language, move on to the next subject you are good at. Why? Because you are likely to answer more questions correctly and quickly in a subject you are good at and this gives more confidence to continue.


  1. You Should Not Spend More Than A Minute On Any Question

Depending on your question, you may need to give more time to some questions than others, while some questions can be answered easily. For thud questions that required logical reasoning and calculations, you should not spend more than a minute answering them. If the question is taking more of your time, check the options again and see if you’ve gotten good information from your calculation and reasoning, if you have, please choose your answer and proceed to the next question.


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