As we all know, the insecurity in Nigeria is increasing by the day. We have heard of several attacks by the terrorist group “Boko Haram” and others who are not really popular. Almost every one fear to travel to the Northern part of our Nation Nigeria for fear of running into riots and bombs. For some, the northern states is quite evitable. But for some other, it is a must to go there. Example of those people who can not avoid the northern states of Nigeria are those corps members who were posted there.



A Brief History On Nigeria States

There are thirty six different states in the country. These states has several local government and are divided into different regions. These regions include the Northern central, the north west, north east the south south, the south west and south east region.

The northern states in Nigeria fall under the North Central region. They consists of those people who their native tongue is referred to as Hausa.

Nigeria is a large mass of land filled with different people who speak different languages. All these people were brought together as one in 1914 and this was referred to as amalgamation.

Our colonial masters were the ones who joined us together.

The northern states are more than the states in any other region. This is because most of the head of states during the military regime were from this region, and they created more states in this region.


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In Nigeria today, the states that make up the northern region are nineteen all together, leaving 17 states to the other regions to share among themselves.


These northern region is where the crisis in Nigeria today is frequent, and most youth corps members are afraid to serve there because there is usually news on the murder of corps members especially during the election.

Nevertheless, this northern state can be the safest place to live some times.


As a result of these, I would list the 19 northern states starting from the safest to the least safe.

  1. Kwara
  2. Kogi
  3. Kebbi
  4. Abuja
  5. Nasarawa
  6. Plateau
  7. Jigawa
  8. Niger
  9. Kano
  10. Gombe
  11. Adamawa
  12. Bauchi
  13. Katsina
  14. Kaduna
  15. Sokoto
  16. Taraba
  17. Yobe
  18. Zamfara
  19. Bornu



Most of these states that you hear about crisis always can be safe sometimes. We only hear exaggerated news about the crisis and when there is peace we would not hear anything.

Some states in this northern region is actually the nicest place to live in Nigeria. Plateau for example has a low temperature, the whole city is cold and the state is full of tourist attraction, mountains, hills, and beautiful things. In fact if you ask me where to serve, I’ll tell you Plateau.

Note that Abuja is not a State but the Federal Capital Territory. However, it is located in the northern region.


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