Tourism is one of the oldest activities. People in ancient times enjoyed it and so do we. In fact some organization regulating tourism has been set in some countries. Tourist attraction locations are those place that are worth visiting. There are places that are extraordinary in one way or the other that is capable of making people visit them always.

In Nigeria there are a lot of tourist attraction location, most of which are already popular. But for the sake of those looking for where to spend the next vacation, we would be telling you every thing you need to know in this post.


Top Tourist Attraction Locations In Nigeria And What You Need To Know About Them

  1. The Yankari Game Reserve In Bauchi State

The Yankari Game Reserve is the biggest wildlife conservation in the country. You will find animals that are rare like the elephant, olive baboon, patets moneys and all other animals living in their natural habitat and not caged like in the zoo. Not only will you get a sight to behold, you will also have a lot of game to participate in. In fact this should be the next place to visit on your list. You will thank me later.


  1. The Wikki Warm Spring

If you ever get to visit the Yankari Game Reserve, then you can’t go back home without visiting the Wikki Warm Spring. There are not that far from each other, and the warmth of this spring is so relaxing after having an exciting moments with those animals in the reserve.


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  1. The Obudu Cattle Ranch In Cross Rivers State

Obudu Cattle Ranch is one of the respected tourist center in Nigeria. If you pass through elementary school and you did not see this name mention in your textbook, you need to go back. This ranch is one of the most beautiful (if not the most beautiful) tourist center in Nigeria. It is pleasant to the eyes, and it is just amazing. This ranch is close to the Cameroon border, and you could even visit Cameroon from there.


  1. Osun Sacred Grove In Osun State

The Osun Sacred Grove has gained popularity as it is among the world heritage site by UNESCO rating. This grove is located along the bank of Osun river. It is believed to be the home to Osun; the goddess of fertility. Apart from this, the forest consist of about 400 different species of plant.


  1. The Olumo Rock In Ogun State

Living in Ogun or it capital, and not visiting the Olumo Rock is like looking at a chair and not sitting down.

The Olumo Rock is a very popular place every one should be.

The Olumo Rock is located in the city “Abeokuta” which means “under the rock”. History had it that the people of Egba land use to hide in this rock, the natural tunnels and caves at the Olumo Rock when there was a war between them and their enemies. This rock has been in existence since the ancient times and it is just a great place to be.




When it comes to places to visit, the list is never ending. Those place above are really amazing and you should visit them


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